Monster: inspired by the Grendle


It’s sitting  in the dark waiting and watching  they call him; the bastard from hell.

Inspired by the novel by ,John Gardner The Grendle:

The year was 700 A.D, and I remember every breath we took every swing, punch and tumble

so realistically  I sometimes  wake up  in a cold sweat at night.

It’s spring  right now and the harvest is plenty  and, I still smell his blood on my clothes and skin.Flies flew around his corps, it’s been days since our altercation and I still feel  like i’m fighting the monster. There is no peace in my dreams ,the chaos in my mind is an enigma.

I still have shivers down my spine, my blood begins rush through my veins at sunset. I am constantly having an feeling of uncertainty knowing he is still out there  watching and waiting to  devouring our kin and animals. This unnerving feeling was exactly what he wanted, he smells fear  and thrives on it and the more I thought about him I knew he would come.

you can say I’m crazy with extreme paranoia but I have seen villages disappear in disaster because of this great beast.

His eyes are red like the skin of satan,his teeth are fowl and insidious, and his claws sharp like the finest sword. When he appears he stands like a seven foot tall giant with the body of a man.

his smell is repulsive and sickening like putrid vomit. I defeated him once,

I  am sure as hell I’ll defeat the bastard again! and I put that on the sword of my great great grandfather Hrothgar.

For my little Bambino: The death of Rosetta stone

Fan-fiction :Mystery:Batman; D.C comics inspired 

Lakira Mitchum

The streets were dark and eerie that night, when Jerome decided to do the task of which he was requested, it was almost midnight and he had been waiting outside for an hour.

He had his pistol loaded with a silencer, he knew he had to do this job he needed the money, because he had a baby on the way. His target was the beautiful Rosetta, she was an deadly assassin that worked for Soviet Russia. Jerome was a bit fond of Rosetta and he sometimes thinks about the times they had together  before he married his wife, but honestly to him she was just another tramp from his past.Rosetta had just finished with an client and she was going  to go  meet up with her boyfriend Big Tommy who had no idea she was an assassin from Russia. she was good at hiding her accent and was very good at getting what she wanted from him. The moment Jerome heard her apartment door crack, his senses became awaken ;like a panther hunting for prey and he was ready and almost excited.She made her way down the streets in her three inch heels and red clingy dress, her hair was dark, and almost as red as the blood of her victims. Jerome hated her and he was pleased with this assignment, he felt no remorse , after what he heard about what she did to his friend Lenny, she was garbage to him. He cocked his pistol and took a deep breath and with marksmanship he aimed with precision and pulled the trigger, in a matter of seconds she was bleeding on the concrete dead from a gunshot to the head .Jerome took note of her death in his journal and wrote” Rosetta Stone 12:30 am 1938”.

He smiled ,lit his cigarette with a sigh of accomplishment , and drove off casually into the dark streets of Gotham.

My recent poetry/ descriptive narratives

Lakira Mitchum

Enc 1100

Descriptive narrative

October 17th 2015

I’m not sure  to. what  make out of this writing; its obvious I’m an amateur this actually was not an struggle at all to write. I believe writing is an journey,I’ve realized  as I grow better at it I will slowly begin to discover my own writing style.


He captivates me with great wonder,his mysterious presence leaves me breathless

he took me somewhere I cannot describe in mere words.

His eyes are gates to the universe, and when he speaks a  supernovae collapses.

he walks over the seas of heaven and ,laughs with angels; he is the artist that created the universe my michelangelo, and it’s amazing to know he is mine and I am his.

He cares for  his tiny creations like a toy maker  in a toy shop.

Our sun is only a lamp compared to his mighty light.

Here I am with him, entwined with him and connected to his universe.


A burst of pain has just erupted from my chest, and has left me speechless in the dark.

Once again I begin to have that bland taste in my mouth.It’s like swallowing an soggy pain pill “this makes me feel numb” I think to myself; All of my senses begin to blur and I can’t tell the difference between pain and pleasure.Here I stand ,bare and naked and he looks at me with a sinister smile, taking my pride with him as he walks away.

I’m drunk by him, drunk in love and nothing will ever feel right as long, as he is there.Look at him; sitting  with his bib around his neck, eating my heart away like a sick cannabel. Piece by bloody piece I see my heart getting smaller and smaller inside of  his  cereal bowl of chaos and wonder.My words meant nothing to him;my tears were nothing but an beverage for his victory.

When that pain pill wore off and things began to clear again that was when I realized my heart went missing, “I was numb so I didn’t feel a thing” I  murmured in my head.That’s what heartbreak is, when I lose all self control It’s like crashing my favorite car. When I realized it was only a fictional dream. He just put me on a temporary high ,causing me to almost laugh myself to death,

I was like a deranged clown; I was a fool in love like his Harleen Quinzel; his dangerous danzel. Drowning in his laughter, ignoring his cruel jokes and his unempathetic character, I took his poison, and rode his carnival ride into disaster. I think my heart was his last supper ,his final chance  for food in desperation but, until he pursues another girl; that poor unfortunate soul.