Clark Kent’s diary; entry #1

Superman;D.C comics. based fan fiction

Dealing with his abilities:

“The sun was shining, the clouds were fluffy, like cotton balls, and the sky was a clear, deep, ocean blue, in short it was a beautiful day, but all I could think about was”


The Storm that was heading our way; from a distance I could see the clouds come together. Here in Kansas things never change it’s a small town it’s either you’re an old baptist or a rebellious teenager that goes cow tipping at midnight.My name is Clark Kent and I am only seventeen years old, and I don’t talk much but, I tend to sense things more than the average person like this unexpected strom for instance. There isn’t much to do here.”I begin to wonder to myself does anyone care about smallville?” especially those damn weather men who hasn’t said; a word about it yet on the news. as I  stood there staring at the sky in my dirty boots and work jeans I had just finished plowing the field and, was too busy daydreaming to inform mother of the storm headed our way.

As I made my way Inside the house smelled like apple pie and ,collard greens and boy was I hungry! MaMa was always welcoming no matter how dirty I was,while preparing the table  she looked at me with a  smile and said,”sugar dinna is almost ready wash, up will you”.”yes maam” I replied, that’s when I remember to tell her about the storm; but I suddenly felt the urge to not do that because I didn’t want her to know about my strange abilities, so I kept quiet about the storm and let it come without warning.

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