L.A post apocalyptic:story of Simon

post apocalyptic Los angeles

BY, Lakira Mitchum

Thursday morning I decided to go for a walk to the park, it was cloudy the air rinked of gasoline and oil, I felt the pollution in the air,and the tension amongst the citizens.

It would be hours before someone would disappear into another portal to see the great master.Some say he has no face , some say he has an insidious eerie presence.

All I knew was that I wasn’t ready to see him yet . I sat on the bench and stared at the trash on the ground; the grass was an horrid brown with an unsettling moistness to it; I often times wore boots to keep my feet clean.Los angeles was no longer a beautiful place it became hell on earth and each day was an challenge of survival.

Suddenly I heard a loud screech it was the fifty foot phoenix bringing an message from the great one,it’s been five years since we’ve seen it now it’s the year 3016.

The phoenix swooped toward the Hollywood sign and back into its portal, that means he had already delivered its  message to someone.”Simon”? I heard a soft female voice say “Simon”? I looked around to see my girlfriend Levette She wasn’t looking too well she was a bit pale. “oh hey ” I responded with lack of interest for her well being. At this point in time  it was every man woman or child for himself and to me she was a bit of a nuisance but, she was great in bed so I kept her around.We survived explosions together and after the Isis invasion how could I leave her now. I was a bit frugal about food , and had  been smoking crack to keep my hunger away my drug dealer had a pretty decent supply even in these hard times he was pretty useful. “Simon you jackass, let’s go before the great light hits us.” I stood up and took a sip of my beer and walked down the Avenue towards the saint’s shelter, where the christians served crappy soup dinners to street people like us.It was’nt until I finished the rest of my soup the dragon arrived.It was an massive bastard ,he ate everything espcially the people that were not under an shelter. He was at least 1,0000 feet tall and smelled like a toxic chemical plant. At this point I was used to seeing him, I knew the routine just follow the saints they knew what to do “Just hide and pray” Ms.Dodling would tell us. Levette would always cry bloody murder every time the dragon would arrive. This was how life was I accepted it ,I didn’t love it ,I just  lived with it all of this crap, the cannibals ,the terrorist the anarchist the criminals roamed the streets day and night no place was safe for anyone. I sometimes saw celebrities roaming the streets delirious and weak their wealth had gone away.Prostitution was common and. orphans were fending for themselves, the streets were bloody and so was the sky.

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