A poem about modern entertainment:

Hollywood’s cannibals


In the scenes and broken records, they capture the hearts of many

with their lies and fake smiles, grinning with their heads spinning.

We follow them we admire them, we see them as heroes, some  are good and some are bad.We sing their songs remember their tragedies. Some die , some live to live to tell the tales of glory. Some were zombies from the beginning,but they will always live on forever with their names carved in stars.  Just when we begin to trust them, we discover the truth, we realized this was all a masquerade, they wore masks pretending to be our gladiators our heros, They often asked   “Are You NOT Entertained?” They bleed, they cry , they often eat each other alive ;it’s all for the show. “Do it for the crowd they whisper to themselves, it’s only show business” They take the pills, they swallow their pride and go out to fight another day in the coliseum we call hollywood.

Hollywood, a place of war , a yard of deception, a place of courage. It takes Balls to make it there. It’s hell on earth, but money is the only God they serve. They Win virgins , they sacrifice many, all for one cause. “FAME”.


Time repeats itself.


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