MY Sunshine (poem by Lakira Mitchum)

The unbearable sunshine

By,Lakira Mitchum


He was my sunshine, my only sunshine ,

he made me happy when skies were gray.

But, he was lonely and misunderstood

He was dishonest and overwhelming.

His lies they kept me, laughing and smiling all day.

although he was so far away his presence

stilled burned my skin , he left my heart sunburned with sin.


So I have to run from him before I burn completely

and wait for my rain to come again to wash my burns

and sooth my sores. He was my Jerome, my mysterious

lover, my strange friend;but all I  am and ever was to him

is just a joke.


he scoffed at my tears, and I took his poison. Now he is only

left to his skinny lover, and her disastrous diseases.


He was my sunshine , my only sunshine,

but I know even stars can go dim.


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