This Little mermaid

Rewrite of Disney’s The little mermaid

by;Lakira Mitchum

First person narrative



Rewrite of Disney’s The little mermaid

Lakira Mitchum

first person narrative


The salty big blue dwelling place  of poseidon; his sanctuary; he enslaved me here, and endowed me to lesser meaning and purpose of my own integrity. I am a slave of my father’s home, he named me Ariel, where I befriended a crab and a fish,I never felt at home in my own home, I am a black sheep, a lost soul ,a broken heart. The littlest mermaid, the least likeable one. I used my green tail to help sailors notice me in the blackest winter night.

I wanted to touch someone’s soul but instead, I sung songs to myself, I’m a sunken ship, a siren, the sailors ruin.I swim from island to island searching for  Eric, where is he? I wanted to be one of them, a human  I wanted to be apart of something,I wanted to empty out this irrational put down my father often gave me. My father often told my sister she was his only child, my father never wanted me, he sold me  into slavery, so I swam around in this  contaminated sea with sea urchins and disastrous chemicals clogging my eyes.  

My story is filled with fascinated exploration and admiration  for something more

I wanted love, I wanted someone  to value me and everything I thought and felt, someone to hold me. I told stories too the fishes and the cold seals on the beach, and held my breath to see the sunlight glisten on my skin and scales.


When the moon was full, and the night was as black as the soul of Ursula I saw him,

he noticed me, it was Eric he came back for me, I thanked the goddess for him, he was as beautiful as I had hoped.I know I didn’t have to ask my family for acceptance anymore, I gave up on that dream and created a new one , I desired the affection of prince Eric.


To be Continued:


January 30th 2016


The sea was a cold and vast place,and the prince seemed as if he was exhausted from his travels  and I believe I could not wait for him any longer,in the evening the sailors  cast their nets and I  decided watch from a distance,the weather was unbearably cold. I thought Prince Eric was worth my pursuit and I contemplated revealing myself to him once more, but I didn’t know how. As I swam towards His ship I could sense an eerie presence of  Martyrdom  that twisted and soiled my very being, I realized something grabbed my tail and with sudden speed began to drag down into the deepest depths of the sea. I struggled to make my escape from the unknown beast as it strangled me in it’s grip. That beast was called Rakkaus and it was massive in size and had very large teeth it was very well know for eating mermaids,It was a such a hindrance a challenge,I lost all of my strength I could barely hang on,In a matter of seconds I saw My blood disburse around me and I was coiled into my own death. Everything was dark again.

Until She Loves Me Back

Until She Loves Me Back

BY Elias D.W

January 28th 2016

I worked day and night all for one purpose,to grasp her attention , even after these years, I still wanted to hear her name; I tattooed it on my back ,oh minnie “why can’t you be mine.”I erased my thoughts on blank pages I knew who she was , and what she was going to be and how I wanted her to be mine.She focused on college and she was hardworking and often relied on her wits to get about the small things in life.It was never a small a world, it was never easy ,I wish she would just jump into my arms ,she was an ignigma, an insult a joke, and my friends they never understood they called me a “nigger lover” a “cry baby” a nusisance to entertainment.I wrote funnies and smarts in newspapers for little stupid politcians with there babrous commentary keeping me unaware of my own talent. I hated society I was sick of it by the time I was seventeen, white women were bland to me and my life was full of rejection, boredom and petty arguments with my brother Roy. I wanted to taste something strange so I built her a kingdom, a home full of strange characters making myself into a tiny mouse, little girls admired

her they saw her as a queen but ,they didn’t even  know her name.

Lakira, was often in my dreams in my wonderland,I sometimes ran from her or dreamed of killing her, I would sometimes wake up in a cold sweat weeping, to myself like some fool in love or disturbia, hysteria was knocking on my window beckoning me to go after her.

I wanted her to have a home, to feel secure , to feel important, I had no desire to love anyone else, She wasn’t even born yet.My job was make cartoons to write silly stories about my insecurities, I never cared much for my business side and often went bankrupt.Truthfully, I walter was a trainwreck ,a mess, A simple man that was too smart for his own good; I built a undergroud city, homes for the careless, selfish, piglets of earth spending their moeny giving it to me so that I could build kingdoms for her taking. I waited for her , searched the world for her, I never  lost sight   of my goal,I never gave up until came true, I was soul searching.In 1956 I committed suicide and allowed my clone to take my work and now in year 2016 I watch her, while she sleeps, I make sure she is safe from danger,She is my butterfly ,my life and my all, and I only wish and pray and see her in heaven with me one day in hopes she will love me back.

Strange love

By:Lakira Mitchum

& Elias.W.D

Rewrite of alice and wonderland

Pioneering realms of fascination

True story of the lost princess part 2


He lost his mind in 1936 , on that one day he went into delirium and began to write stories about us. I was afraid I could not help him because, I was waiting for him at the gates of heaven.He dreamed of being a mouse again, he just kept going back into his imagination and pulling out ideas; he often found himself worshiping me on sundays. He build worlds of strange possibilities making the wishes of children come true. I could not help but to cry while watching him, he had many lovers and danced naked in the eyes of his spectators. I could not continue watching him so I found myself trying to escape, from heaven to be born as an girl in another time and another place.Four years after being in this strange place, My memory of my life here was bleak and hard to remember all I knew was that something taken from me, and before I had a chance to see him  he wasn’t himself he was a mouse again.After that my life was nothing more than an strange journey through the twilight zone, only  feel settle feelings of pain and isolation from those around me.

As I floated by in time, and it’s  blissful twist and turns of reality I heard the voice of a boy that often cried for his father through his  beautiful lyrics in the language of love, from the  foreign metropolis, we call paris france.I fell in love with this voice,I wanted to hear him more, I felt as if he was apart of me.In this time I kept seeing my husband but,he was still a mouse  he was  quite a  phenomenal site to see.For some reason the entire world fell in love with him; he built many kingdoms before I could see him in person on earth. I was still captivated by him wishing I was in his arms. The only thing I had that was  apart of him was to listen to the boy from france that resembled him. I was not apart of his kingdoms not that I knew of and neither was the boy. I worked hard to forget about him because, I realized he took his own life and left to neverland at this time I was extremely unaware, so I went dancing with my unfamiliar friends, saw the smoke and  lights and insane mirrors of the city  of my new life as an single adult woman in the year of 2012. At night I never dreamed of him but, I always knew him as a man and a mouse, I completely forgot about the forest we met in and I terminated the questions of  why he was covered in blood in my nightmare in wonderland.

The thoughts of Walter Elias year 2012; Meanwhile,I stood there watching her dance with her friends  she was more curvy and illustrious  than I ever imagined, she represented everything I ever wanted, and little did she know those kingdoms were for her, every story was about us desiring to be together. That boy in france was our son, and that dream of the forest was only an nightmare of our past.Autumn has already went by, and she still could not notice me. I wanted to make her dreams come true so I  gave her a castle, she was my cinderella, my sleeping beauty and, this life  was being  poisoning her.Making her a slave ,calling her names, calling her ugly, she was my first love. My one and only, the girl I dreamed of before she was born.I found myself smashing plates and doing heroine to forget about her. I was a fool to think she would forget about I knew she loved.The night I saw her with her friends. I took her where we could  make love again for the first time and decades.This is it, this was us, we ruled the world, she was my pusher girl,My celestial goddess,My drug, I wanted her in my bloodstream , she was my immortal divine one.

Rewrite of Disney’s Alice in wonderland


By:Lakira Mitchum


Rewrite of Disney’s Alice in chains, Alice in wonderland

True story of the lost princess


There  Kansas the year 1932, the day was dry, and the air was settled  and calm and all I wanted to do was wonder. Away from my father, away from the pain away from the abuse.I was not an normal child, and I had nothing in common with anyone else there was an Consensus that I was not human. That day I decided to go on a picnic with my mother, and play. When the evening came I found myself becoming bored with my former ways and I wondered into the forest.Only to find a strange mouse so I followed him suddenly hearing  the screech of the crows bellowed across the forest, and there I found him he was, afraid and alone and nearly starving. The air is moist and cold from the rain, I keep trying to reach him but, he kept scurrying away. Eventually when it became dawn I decided to give up on him but, my senses could still smell his fear. I was growing tired of this cat and mouse chase,So I decided to rest by a tree to breath and take in all the frustration that appeared in my mind as fear. The sky was dark and the grass was muddy and morbid ;the taste in my mouth was acrid and sour from kissing him. I had never felt so misunderstood. Things took a sudden change that mouse had became a man that took my very innocence.Everything he does that involves me shows that he absolutely  abhors ,my very presence, My tiny heart was taken away from me and I have been  trying to get it back from him. I thought maybe It didn’t matter to him anymore, or maybe I’m not the girl he wanted in the first place.

I felt my insides spinning and my belly began to churn at the thought of him running from me. As I sat here under the big willow tree I Began to dream of brighter days, while sitting there I felt like alice in wonderland; but honestly I was tired of chasing rabbits, instead I dreamed of something more beautiful, I needed to dream, I needed to run away from this dark path he has lead me on because of his fear. His fear always sent our relationship to an atrocious halt; and honestly I tend to ask myself “why am I chasing this rabbit anyway”? As I began to  let my mind settle I suddenly heard an abrupt Reverberating scream of anxious pain, that pulled me from my state to into sudden hastiness. I got up and ran to him and followed his voice, he screamed my name and at that very instant I saw him covered in blood; Then I woke up, I realized I was in a nightmare, I had a dream that I fell in love with a mouse,and he turned into a rabbit; and he had an untimely  way of  running  away from me.He was always late  he seemed as if he never wanted to wait for me.

He seemed handsome in my  current life when I was awake but, outside of this inception. It was strange and terrible, His eyes were red and his hands were always dirty, he had this eerie sinister smile because ,we both knew he was a canabbell. He ate my heart away when I walked away from heaven, that was the day he  decided to not protect me. I was  really tired of this nightmare  it may not ever end and I am  constantly reminded  of how worthless he thinks women are; through everything I see. I cannot be an atheist because, I know he is real, I can not be an agnostic because, I know that I have no choice but to to bow down before his feet and cry before him.

“Then I began to ask myself ,What is love, I asked, myself as I lay in these chains, Love is rape, love is cruel, love is Man,  and Man is love ,and we must fear him, that  is what this propaganda tells us .She believed in him, she worshiped him, little did she know she was only and always seen as an object, a piece of property. “He abused me , he forgot about me , he never listened to me.”

Coming to my senses,Now here I am still fighting , still running still looking for answers, wondering where and why am I running from the queen.Now that I am finaly awake I escaped wonderland this ferocious and hideous nightmare we called lust and selfish seduction.  

Reached my utopia,my Quintessential home after  I spent my childhood in  bondage believing I was nothing because of my gender only to find, that I had to first learn to believe in myself.

After being gone for so long, I may not ever understand why I had that dream in the first place, or why I felt so obligated to use my father’s cruelty to embellish myself with depression that lead me to run away in the first place to find a mouse.With all honestly, I stand corrected in my web of fear and it’s lies to learn not every man or mouse is trustworthy and love is still tangible in the grip of my smallish hands.When I wandered home I laid in the grass of my family’s  lawn and cried  Love is something more than what I found it to be it’s sensational.

I sat up and I saw the man again, but this time he was holding flowers, he was no longer a mouse or a rabbit he was a man, a tall timid body or masculine beauty.He sat next to me and smiled, and asked with a curiosity have I seen you somewhere?  I replied no, but in his eyes I saw the same glare as that resembled the strange mouse that scurried away from me in the forest.

“Are you a man or a mouse?” I replied He said, well I am whatever I had imagined myself to be at the time I met  you  in the forest ,because I was only a coward. he paused and, handed me the daffodils he had in his hand;and continued saying “Those days were dark and lonely for me, I was confused and unsure of myself.With gratitude I took the flowers and kissed him on his lips of sweet  saccharine and blissfulness. I felt myself tremble at his touch and then I saw I a new  side of him, I knew I could trust him again, his was kind and patient with me as well as himself. Later in time he wrote me letters, and I wrote back, he was no longer an average farm boy from kansas he moved to california to be an artist,  He later came back in June and made me his bride during the summer solstice and, he overwhelmed me over and over again. By the year 1934, we had our first child and named her Autumn she was born in November and had silver eyes. She was our darling angel our only girl and from then on out I would never forget the day I stumbled  into his  wonderland, His world. it was once  dark and scary and now it became my magic kingdom of beauty and peace.He became me ,my hope, my all my hero, my prince.


Harmony part 1 Story of the universe:

Lakira Mitchum


Harmony part 1 Story of the universe:

Amalgamation we are one:, We are together, connected to one another, together in feelings, united in thoughts; although we are different,our existence is the same.We see in many colors.Our spirits are not color blind. We dwell in this universe under the same stars, breathing the same air.We are kissed by the same sun, embraced by the same moonlight. We smell the same fragrance ,all with different ideas, but, that’s what makes us beautiful. Homogeneity;We are all connected; we are all made by the same God He is abba; and she is Amah the mother earth, We are all human; We dance to God’s heart beat, the beat of his music.

The God and Goddess is existence, he is the light the beginning of infinity. He is Alpha and Omega. He is lightning , and she is thunder,She is sound ,he is light. He is the thought of time and space, he is the author of our universe and, she is the artist that births his children. They are the  perpetuity, of this immense eternal life. The perfection of order and chaos are in his sovereign control and his marriage to the mother is always and will always be an cohesion of constant creation.

Life comes from their harmony their unity;He is the cause of the great Nativity, The birthing of the galaxies, The parents of Angels and all living beings., They sit in the gases of spiral galaxies, and sing through black holes of the solar systems.


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The little Broken piano

It’s  voice rings through the room when she pressed pianos keys song seems silent no one can hear.

its key tones seem unnoticeable.

It sings a song brilliant and loud strong and amazing

in yet its unheard.

its songs are  story a myths without facts

a melody with no popularity.

it’s only heard at night a night when no one stands to hear it.

The little piano keys with a lone sound

the song never ends.

The Heart of an content Woman

As time  goes by  I have  changed

I begin to ask myself whats happening to me?

I’m so different now I find myself not crying any more

I find  myself  stronger .

I find myself beautiful again and, I  listen to my own wisdom

what happened to Lakira?

rejection does’nt hurt any more

happiness always finds it’s way back to my life .

what happened to you  girl ?

you have a voice  that speaks  and every one listens  .

I see success burning I’m my eyes

I see fear  in my enemies  eyes.

what happened

David finally slayed Goliath

I see my self being a leader,  being a lover , being a friend

what happened to you  me I have a legacy now;

I’m no longer a slave but i’m now a queen.

because I know who I am now.

The art of being enlightened:

Prayer for inspiration: Let my voice be heard forever let it whisper in the wind…. let my heart fly with inspiration and let me see the grace of God. Recreate me and fill my eyes with hope and allow me to poor it into others like a shower of life.

Hearts are bursting life’s are changing.silence becomes louder than before.I never knew silence could be so loud. When we take the time to listen to our hearts, instead of the anxiety of this world.

There is something beyond all of this ;The Earth is shaking smiles are aching

hands are much time we seem to waste.
let wind takes me here, the winds takes me everywhere
we all just seem to be waiting until this time is over.

For a new genesis , A new reason to dream, a new reason to smile. but until then


love to see you smile like the morning sun
it washes away my worries , and day by day pain.

your smile is something beautiful its a gift from God
your smile is something I will never forget.

when you smile the angels flap there wings in applause
your smile cast happiness into my life and if there is anything
I would ask for is to see you smile.

-to all my friends and family….

Big heart with many words:soul writting

My free writings from my tween years: about My mysterious God

Let  my mouth make others erupt with truth, let my eyes see the beauty, Let my ears hear the music of life,pulsating through God’s veins,Let me wake up with something to feel, something to live for.

-Lakira Mitchum, 2010

July 20th 2008-His voice is like a thousand harps and violins  he is a symphony being played in a blissful harmony, I fear his beauty and his might, he moves swiftly like lightning, he is so graceful. His kisses are long lasting and breathtaking. His voice is as gentle as the steady winds;and my dreams of him fly across the sky, my dreams of him are always and forever floating over the milky ways,and stars. As I open my story book into this chapter of reality,opening a new page in time.My moonlight will remain lit  in darkness, like a candle that will never dim, my stars will glow and my heart shimmers at his heat of life.As the sun beats on my skin I feel him with me As I dream , as I hope To feel him more and more,as I smile a little more.-Lakira Mitchum

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Mother Earth: part 1 feminine writtings

Sacred feminism part 1:

My non sexist beliefs:

Lakira Mitchum

To be aware of the wonders of the feminine soul, the representation of  the Goddess’s characteristics. Mother earth’s spirit is unique, we were created to nurture our male companions. We must be gentle to all things, we must be kind to all creatures,

We must Never take our outer beauty for granted, the beauty of your soul matters more than any measure of outer beauty.I believe Women are strong and  wise, we think uniquely.We should never teach our daughters to be sexist but, we must be forgiving, yet courageous, not afraid to fight for justice when it is necessary. Protect the innocent, and See beauty in humble places when others see nothing.

Appreciate the strength of being a girl or woman, believe that you are incredibly influential to your environment.


why is sex  sacred: part 2

I believe we as people  take sex for granted; sex is an beautiful conversation between man and his lover. It’s a spiritual conversation and, if we only see it as an physical action. we may never truly appreciate what it means to make love.Sex is an experience not just an action, or gender.In order to make love we most trust our partner and truly be confident to be open with him or her, this means we must take away any fear of intimacy, and be physically ,spiritually, and emotionally vulnerable around our soul mate. We should not only are we naked physically, but spiritually. be honest with your spouse, tell them everything you feel even our wrong doings. Be respectful, Be patient, Be open to confrontation. There should be no sexual boundaries between an married couple or shame.