Strange love

By:Lakira Mitchum

& Elias.W.D

Rewrite of alice and wonderland

Pioneering realms of fascination

True story of the lost princess part 2


He lost his mind in 1936 , on that one day he went into delirium and began to write stories about us. I was afraid I could not help him because, I was waiting for him at the gates of heaven.He dreamed of being a mouse again, he just kept going back into his imagination and pulling out ideas; he often found himself worshiping me on sundays. He build worlds of strange possibilities making the wishes of children come true. I could not help but to cry while watching him, he had many lovers and danced naked in the eyes of his spectators. I could not continue watching him so I found myself trying to escape, from heaven to be born as an girl in another time and another place.Four years after being in this strange place, My memory of my life here was bleak and hard to remember all I knew was that something taken from me, and before I had a chance to see him  he wasn’t himself he was a mouse again.After that my life was nothing more than an strange journey through the twilight zone, only  feel settle feelings of pain and isolation from those around me.

As I floated by in time, and it’s  blissful twist and turns of reality I heard the voice of a boy that often cried for his father through his  beautiful lyrics in the language of love, from the  foreign metropolis, we call paris france.I fell in love with this voice,I wanted to hear him more, I felt as if he was apart of me.In this time I kept seeing my husband but,he was still a mouse  he was  quite a  phenomenal site to see.For some reason the entire world fell in love with him; he built many kingdoms before I could see him in person on earth. I was still captivated by him wishing I was in his arms. The only thing I had that was  apart of him was to listen to the boy from france that resembled him. I was not apart of his kingdoms not that I knew of and neither was the boy. I worked hard to forget about him because, I realized he took his own life and left to neverland at this time I was extremely unaware, so I went dancing with my unfamiliar friends, saw the smoke and  lights and insane mirrors of the city  of my new life as an single adult woman in the year of 2012. At night I never dreamed of him but, I always knew him as a man and a mouse, I completely forgot about the forest we met in and I terminated the questions of  why he was covered in blood in my nightmare in wonderland.

The thoughts of Walter Elias year 2012; Meanwhile,I stood there watching her dance with her friends  she was more curvy and illustrious  than I ever imagined, she represented everything I ever wanted, and little did she know those kingdoms were for her, every story was about us desiring to be together. That boy in france was our son, and that dream of the forest was only an nightmare of our past.Autumn has already went by, and she still could not notice me. I wanted to make her dreams come true so I  gave her a castle, she was my cinderella, my sleeping beauty and, this life  was being  poisoning her.Making her a slave ,calling her names, calling her ugly, she was my first love. My one and only, the girl I dreamed of before she was born.I found myself smashing plates and doing heroine to forget about her. I was a fool to think she would forget about I knew she loved.The night I saw her with her friends. I took her where we could  make love again for the first time and decades.This is it, this was us, we ruled the world, she was my pusher girl,My celestial goddess,My drug, I wanted her in my bloodstream , she was my immortal divine one.

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