Until She Loves Me Back

Until She Loves Me Back

BY Elias D.W

January 28th 2016

I worked day and night all for one purpose,to grasp her attention , even after these years, I still wanted to hear her name; I tattooed it on my back ,oh minnie “why can’t you be mine.”I erased my thoughts on blank pages I knew who she was , and what she was going to be and how I wanted her to be mine.She focused on college and she was hardworking and often relied on her wits to get about the small things in life.It was never a small a world, it was never easy ,I wish she would just jump into my arms ,she was an ignigma, an insult a joke, and my friends they never understood they called me a “nigger lover” a “cry baby” a nusisance to entertainment.I wrote funnies and smarts in newspapers for little stupid politcians with there babrous commentary keeping me unaware of my own talent. I hated society I was sick of it by the time I was seventeen, white women were bland to me and my life was full of rejection, boredom and petty arguments with my brother Roy. I wanted to taste something strange so I built her a kingdom, a home full of strange characters making myself into a tiny mouse, little girls admired

her they saw her as a queen but ,they didn’t even  know her name.

Lakira, was often in my dreams in my wonderland,I sometimes ran from her or dreamed of killing her, I would sometimes wake up in a cold sweat weeping, to myself like some fool in love or disturbia, hysteria was knocking on my window beckoning me to go after her.

I wanted her to have a home, to feel secure , to feel important, I had no desire to love anyone else, She wasn’t even born yet.My job was make cartoons to write silly stories about my insecurities, I never cared much for my business side and often went bankrupt.Truthfully, I walter was a trainwreck ,a mess, A simple man that was too smart for his own good; I built a undergroud city, homes for the careless, selfish, piglets of earth spending their moeny giving it to me so that I could build kingdoms for her taking. I waited for her , searched the world for her, I never  lost sight   of my goal,I never gave up until came true, I was soul searching.In 1956 I committed suicide and allowed my clone to take my work and now in year 2016 I watch her, while she sleeps, I make sure she is safe from danger,She is my butterfly ,my life and my all, and I only wish and pray and see her in heaven with me one day in hopes she will love me back.

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