This little Mermaid part 2

Rewrite of Disney’s The little mermaid

by;Lakira Mitchum

First person narrative


I was weak and drifting in the dark depths of the sea until still struggling in the creature’s grip, at this point my tail is losing blood and my eyes are were beginning to grow tired,The Rakkaus began to swim to the surface dragging me with her, in one of  her tentacles, in a faint  second I began to hear men’s  cacophony, although I thought I was dead,i was merely unconscious  I felt that there was a battle  between my capture and prince Eric’s fleet .They were trying to kill the Rakkaus with these deadly sharp objects they called harpoons. The battle was so intense she eventually lost grip of me,I believe she was more injured than I was,and I heard a large plunge  when I saw a strange manlike figure swimming towards me, I felt him catch me before I fell any further into the depths sea,  

I slowly began to wake up but, my tail and my body was still in malaise, I knew it was him holding my torso taking me somewhere I have never been before.I woke up, to the dexterous movement of men on the ship only to find myself in a glass case filled with water,It seemed as though I was in the captain’s quarters but, it was hard to tell in the glass box, the refraction of the light puzzled me. My vision was little blurred;I heard voices around me and I didn’t know what to expect but I was in complete fascination as well as perplexed with my new environment I could feel the Goddess healing me, and my discomforts began to fade away, when heard the familiar voice of prince Eric.I am not sure if I was excited to hear him or, desensitized of his presence my infatuation with him was very complex because of his crude tone.

I went  into a soft slumber in hopes that I may have found a safe dwelling place amongst these sailors.The night turned into morning and I was abruptly peeled out of my glass case,only to be observed by ugly perverted , and curious men.They opened my case and poked tail my with some sort of tiny sharp object to harvested my blood; with fascination it seemed they were studying it. Two men took me from my water case little did they know my fin tail would transform into human like legs with scales that glistened in the morning light.In awe one of the two men carried me to the quarters of the Captain  James Shalom Hensworth, he was tall and handsome with a very pointy nose and he had a darling way of speaking to me,with a smile and a nod he greeted me and he expressed that,  he was amazed of my presence and demanded the sailors to put, me down to stand.Naked and afraid I shivered as I gazed at his  hazel eyes he was man of power, I could tell he was a lover of the Goddess by his strange and mysterious persona.

King Of The Filthy Empire part 2

Part two

and all he could do was stare,he heard screaming and, groaning from places afar, and all of  those screams reminded Oba of all the girls that he violated and mistaken their innocence for something ,he thought he owned.He missed that time, he wanted to go back to his old life but, he was stuck in this twilight zone.

His raft eventually stopped and landed on a morbid shore drenched in blood along the river side;he took one step off the raft and onto the land where his feet sunk just a few inches  into the fetid,pomaded and slimy soil;where he witnessed a fallen king that he was once friends with, receiving a painful gruesome beating from six beasts.Each beast had a different weapon and each of them were large and they took turns spitting on him, it seemed that their spit was as strong as toxic ammonia due to the strong smell they repelled,Oba noticed the spit landed on his wounds, and his old friend was giving out a loud cry.Oba felt more distraught even more than he already was, but instead he began to run.He timorously ran away as fast as his legs could allow him,only to be tripped by a screaming woman that was injured on the ground.She  gripped his legged in such a way she practically dislocated it from his knee joint with a loud crack, his leg was broken.

Oba recognized the woman,she was married to his friend that was being beaten by the river but, her skin was so torn and filthy he wasn’t sure weather it was her or not; he managed to loose her grip and crawl, he was still gasping for air from all the gas in the air, eventually his eyes were bleeding so much he lost his sight but he was able to see a little 

Oba recognized the woman,she was married to his friend that was being beaten by the river but, her skin was so torn and filthy he wasn’t sure weather it was her or not; he managed to loose her grip and crawl, he was still gasping for air from all the gas in the air, eventually his eyes were bleeding so much he lost most of his sight.  suddenly, he heard a familiar voice say with a witty persona “This was all started by a mouse, this empire you once ruled no longer fancies your attention,your people hate you.” Oba, looked up to the dark and gloomy red sky to see a mouse standing three feet high.The mouse had white blood stained gloves on and a sinister smile on his face.

“you must be Oba,”as he continued to speak Oba kept crawling with all his might.The mouse , gave him a painful kick breaking four of his ribs,Oba gasp in horror.

To be continued:


King Of The Filthy Empire

part one

Lakira Mitchum

3 person narrative


This is a story of a  human monster named Oba,He is a powerful man that indulges in creating complete disturbia, he goes along with whatever wicked sick agenda he can conjure up, he eats the flesh of man and he has a fascination with mass destruction.He a complete maniac in disguise, he wishes, he was the Alpha and Omega the creator of man and himself.He lives in modern babylon and he likes to kiss the faces of crying babes as he walks on the red carpet.

He kidnaps virgins and steals their clothes.


He smiles in the  face of murder, he fears nothing, he wears a mask in a sinister masquerade.He is despised by shakespeare himself, he is the very pitiful in the  sight of George Washington.His prostitutes are fake like, worn out voodoo dolls.

He’s a broken machine; a sorrowful symphony not even Beethoven would  read. He wants to shake the planet but, he only shakes himself. This man stood tall on many podiums and told many stories to thousands,until one day after he finished pursuing his daily rituals He was confronted by an man in black he and that man said with a murderous voice,”Oh Oba, oh Oba,will you come here, I need you to tell me, all of your fears” and Oba’s response was, “See here, see here, I have no fears I am a man with many whores on my belt, and many swords on my lap don’t you see I am Oba the great, over the seven seas.”


The man in black disappeared and Oba journeyed his way to the house of virgins to drink  of his red poison, Until with a sudden cough he fainted into a long bezaar slumber.In his slumber he dreamed of seven things, that changed his nightmare into even colder screams.His dreamed spiraled into an dark stream, the stream was cold and the water was black, there was severed body parts floating by, he woke up to realized he was floating on  a raft made of  dead tree bark.He looked to see the man in black again but ,this time this man was eating a peach,” He looked at Oba with pitty and began to say”why so glum are’nt you the king of the world? pick up your scepter and rule your empire.”

Oba looked and choked a fake smile, and the man in black disappeared again.Oba realized he was in hell because, he recognized the smell of demons, he looked around and saw the trees were bleeding and covered in blood, and with a frightened stare he saw deathly hollowed souls crucified on the trees.Those souls looked just like him,he was looking at the man in the mirror.At that moment in heaven looking down on him  Michael the Angel, patted his sister Shiva and gossiped “isnt that the man that wants to rape you?” Her reply was with a toilsome groan “yes”, “I hope he suffers in the worst way.” Oba was shocked to see so many strange things at once and the water was surprisingly cold as the glaciers, he used to enjoy  melting so much but, this feeling, this feeling  he had, he felt like he was at home.

Oba felt an unsettling shutter go down his spine as he heard a annoying gasp of cackling laughter, “ahoy dumb stranger, you seem dismayed aren’t you the king of the thilty empire?” My name is Olaf and I hate you! “would you like to build to a snowman?” Oba replied, “in small tears, No, I would not like to build a snowman, and I uuuhhhhh aaa hatttette you as well”. “Oh you poor man, you better hide before the hunt begins Lucifer and his lost boys may find you they hate you more.”


Oba felt his blood rising up to his lungs, he began to smell some gaseous substance, and felt himself vomit and his eyes began to burn and bleed. It turns out the demons were doing a pest control check in that area, poor Oba didn’t have a chance.  

still floating on his sinking raft, He looks into the water for a sign of hope, only to find mermaids devouring a tortured soul a whore named Ms.deering she was drowning in her own pool of blood and fear.Oba pitied her but, was too afraid to save her from the deep cold waters; so he floated on.His mind went into hysteria and he became delusional his mind was in complete turmoil. 



To be continued:

Mother Luna and Father Sun part 1

Moon phases:

what does the moon say?  

Moon phases:
what does the moon say?


Each phase of the moon has different meanings, each meaning has a different story, each phase represent something unique in the universe.The moon shows life forms(organisms) on earth, how to develope their own crops and, help animals and the ecosystem as well the environment, follow the spiritual duties of life itself.

The moon is not specific about one’s life and how it going to be, the moon only predicts ultimate possibilities.

  • Full moon:solstice’s way of telling for a new ending and brings hope for of a new season
  • New moon:New beginnings, complete new cycle
  • Red moon: old ending/ fear and death
  • Yellow:Means new fascinations new life,new discoveries/new understandings

The Angels view of the moon, is actually seen differently than how humans  view the moon.Angel’s see the moon as a clock and each shadow tells them what universal time it is, the planet of the  living;in this solar system was mars but,Earth is more substantial.Each planet, represents a dead or fallen God and,they all revolve around the Sun and the sun represents God,  Venus does not represent aphrodite, mars does and Venus is actually the God of war. Mother Luna, the moon of the living earth, is an mirror and the light of reflects through her, but she is also mysterious in her nature.


Next post will be about planets: and their spiritual representation:



Walter elias Disney’s journal part2

Walter Elias Disney


Journal part 2

Everything is peachy, until a it’s a small world breaks down, I’m Walt Disney , and I always find it necessary to introduce myself before making some speech about  my innovative ideas, Great I’m a dead man with good intentions, I believe I never died,I just found better things to do, somewhere else.

My uncle once told me,“Walt you’re gonna own this, big piece of shit we call earth and sit on it” and I believed him.

and it turns out it’s true. I spent most of my years being Mr. perfect for children and old ladies to kiss on the cheek, little did I know My name would be chanted across the planet til, kingdom come, I was never a fan of finding Nemo , because captain nemo was never a good person, and I hate how overplayed Frozen is because, it so god damned predictable to me, but hey! if the children like it that’s all that matters, I have to say pixar is incredible and I love all of their work but, I only wish I was still alive to state my own opinions beside it is in my name after all.

I think pluto the Dog needs a movie ,and Disney need to go back to the classics, like Mickey , Minnie , Donald and Goofy, I don’t care about the suit life of Zack and cody and their damned white privileged arrogantly written scripted episodes about their stupid antics,Lets be honest daytime television kind of sucks right now,and most good shows are on the what we call  internet. I would like to express I am extremely happy with how some of the corporation actually did carry out my legacy , but this bullshit about the Nanny named Jessie, what the hell? is going on some of these child actors need their hinds torn with a leather belt, these shows don’t teach kids anything but how to like boys and to sing crappy pop songs about things they don’t understand.  I know i’m old but, being honest I am a little ashamed of Disney channel.Disney was meant to educate children and  adults not dumb them down. Please, stop ,the madness there’s too much going on in this world for to just sit by and watch children ignore reality.


The Journal of Shiva;the warrior


The journal of shiva

partv 1


I am a bit unsure what to say;this is really an honor to be honest, I will begin by saying my name is shiva kaniva doo, and I work for God I wear little clothing and I live near the seas of roaring lions with my brother Oooshana and Jobohana, we are triplets, I have to say I do not believe I myself I am a God but, really I am an angel from a foreign land, called heaven, the regions of heaven i live in is called Parsholoo kingdom this land is where the ghost of Dinosaurs dwell. I come from an very large family, we are all families of warriors and dancers, I like to make music about many things like, fighting , happiness and friendship, my best friend’s name is Corey and he lives in the regions of large elephants called woolly mammoths.I too fought in the battles of wichichita and i must say although I carried many swords because I have many arms, this particular battle was the most enticing yet , tremendously complicated long term battles I have ever experienced. I have set many goals in my eternal life as an Angel and one of them happens  to to be kind to many people, and not allow what negative others think of me or believe  bother me, I actually do not enjoy being called a Goddess, it makes me feel uncomfortable but,overall this who is who I  really am.

My father’s name is Yaweh, he is very handsome and kind,he likes to teach me wisom and new things about life, he calls me his princess, and my mother’s name is Mother sharice, and she like to sing and make many stories about new begings, she also like to dance and show love and appreciations for all of us including me.My mother makes me feel speacial every day and she likes to speak through nature.In heaven we have many things to do, we make lots of interesting things like for example we do gardening in my father’s bright light, and we also like to make  pottery in the evening time when mother luna is watching us, the moon represents my mother and sun represents my father and both of these things create a very sacred and humbling atmosphere for all of us angels. Humans tend to get the wrong idea of me, I have pity on them because they trust me so much, I sometimes answer their prayers with the little power i have, but i know my father wants them to see the truth, I am nothing than a Angel, a hard working, laughing playing, dancing Angel that just wants to be left alone by humans. They summon me like I know the answer to their problems and when I barely know them at all. I just want to live and work that’s all. This is part one of my journal that is all.

The writings of Dimacus:Angel Journals

The chaos of Wichita

Journals Entries part 3

The journal Of Dimacus the Sword and Arch Angel:

By,Lakira Mitchum

My breath stinks, and all I could think about was making it home to my family, I was a miserable poor sap that was completely misunderstood by my loved ones. They thought that I actually enjoyed fighting,realistically I hated it, it was fun at times I made many jokes but,often times it was tiring, and my father was never tired, there were times he fought all by himself, my father would kill over ten thousand demons within seven bell hours, all by himself at times; and on his sabbath he would wish us luck and go make love to his wife and rest.My father was never afraid to smell bad, and he was always our to rescue us in hard times.At this time he was creating strories for the children of Adam and Eve, We were fighting the ancestors and abominations of dinosours and demons, the degusting mothers of serpents.I personally have nothing against serpents but these bastards are just nasty, they walked around like humans but they had nasty mannerisms about themselvs. I often fought with one sword and elements, I wrote songs that brainwashed my enemies so they would go into slumber.My armor weight about two tons in human metrics weight all together. each part was very heavy,(I hate math) but, I know it was the exact weight i needed to be and could carry at the time, It took at least 8’000 blows to the chest to penetrate my armor on a good day.

The Chaos of Witchita:part 2

Miguel the warrior angel journal entries:

the war of Wichita

by,Lakira Mitchum

part 2


The war of wichita lasted more than 300 winter solstice cycles,and each warrior had to clean his armor almost every hour of the morning songs.I was (thirteen years old in human years) when I marched into battle and I had many strifes with  myself as well my brothers, we worked well as a team. My father had many arsenals and one of them was the army lead by my mother, her commanding officer Artemis, and Arthmia they were twin sisters that fought side by side in battle.Their army would send us galactic signals from the other side of the witchtian universe, I knew the women were powerful because we often saw the corpses of the Titans  being dragged through black holes by them. Tabitha was my wife at the time and she died in battle. The war was almost over by the time my first child was 3 years old he was only a star in the universe, and I was going into hysteria.I hated war but, I enjoyed watching my brothers plot, fight and sing in battle especially Lucifer, and Clonidious Tyler, and Pahnoatiao, and My father who at the time was nicknamed Hercules.

Hercules had plans of making a universe where he becomes a gentle man that dies for humanity but, for now the he is a war hero. I ate many meals for pleasure although I was never hungry, I pressed myself to return to heaven to bathe in my mother’s chambers when ever I had a chance.

I had seven changes of clothes underneath my armor and eighteen swords and Axes in my armory. My brother Thor was a busy man, and he made many weapons with his hamor but, what made me happy was the red ribboned sword he made for me for my birthday  it was created to release and  ignite extreme and intensified electric waves at a extremely high frequency. whenever I swung it at my enemies they practically disintegrated under the heat, but the larger the titan, the longer my weapon took to kill my enemies.I must  brag about my younger sibling Gabriel he was only a messenger and  was only 8 feet tall and had an diet that only consisted of breast milk and vegan food, his gift in fighting was gravity, he has his center of gravitational pull.

he created electromagnetic waves and was fully capable of pulling things apart and putting them together with his mind.

This realm was very dark and sinister, there were times we were under hypnosis, and fought against ourselves and our own armies, and my mother and father were the only ones capable of breaking these spells over our minds by telling us to sing melodies similar to children’s nursery rhymes in our head s to help us focus on the battle ahead.Our enemies were so strange they drank their own blood as a way to feel powerful, their were in a way very stupid, arrogant,repulsive and sickening to look at.My eyes would need to be shielded in some battles because, of hideousness some of the  beast who we were fighting but; overall we had a very fascinating and and somewhat terrifying journey.Their  were tunnels that rinked of blood and gaseous chemicals, that would cause an typical human’s mouth to bleed at the very scent of them.

To be continued:




Nostalgique fille Atlantis part 3


The heart of atlantis

When I was little, and the City  was young, my father was a strange man, that ate the flesh of his enemies,I was often afraid of him, he slaughtered the obedient saints of the city, or turned them into slaves, he mocked them for being good people, and not participating in strange rituals. I often asked God to stand by the good people and rescue them.I was unmarried and  as I grew older I asked my father for a husband but he refused, he said I could only have husband after my mother’s death.The heart of Atlantis was where we all went to worship as children and women while the men went to have strange sex with the atlantean witches. The heart of Atlantis was where the prophets like,Plato Aristotle, Larcan, and Calderon went to pray and tell the stories of God, and how he loved us and wanted us to live faithful lives in the empire.We danced and sung and, played drums.


to be continued:

Je suis une femme ,et Atlante part 2



Lakira Mitchum

Soul harvesting

After, they destroyed one of the temples ,In the midays of my age, to hurt my spirits, and darkened my heart towards God. My father’s and his elders witnessed Me walk on the water of the dark temple of the Goddess.That’s when my soul was harvested for the first time.

At the end of times,several angels came to warn us, without warning or signs, many lights of many colors came to us , with a loud voice crying to us “stop your sinful ways or, you will drown in the waters of the angel Poseidon!”  many of my citizens and even my friends laughed and scoffed on the messenger angels, because their voices were so gentle to our ears, but around the third warning, many moons latter, the sky became red and a loud scream of horror came and there was light in the shape of an phoenix; after the great scream the loud voice was not so gentle and it yelled across the city, stop your evil ways or you will die an awful death. I was very scared and I ran to the temple and stayed their for about seven days, and during this time the great warriors of heaven were fighting the battles of wichita (the universe of demonic chaos) that’s when the Angel miguel came to visit me in my time of fear, he layed with me and kept me safe from the strange beast that attacked the villages near by. Miguel was very strong, and fought many wars in wichita he was often very tense and hasty, but often protected me and I did not understand why.Strangely I Didn’t know much angels but, I did later learn that Lucifer was his brother and they fought side by side.

In the ending days, I did not have many friends, and I was usually often times misguided and confused. When the great light finally came I had almost lost hope in God until, Gabriel came and told me the story of moses, and how he was in the mainlands saving descendants of Adam and Eve.This news made me happy and I almost forgot about my fear while the was in chaos.By this time dieing whales washed upon the shores of atlantis, and about an hour latter the sun fell black and the great wave was approaching and I was in panic, the next I knew I being pulled by a strange light into the sky and beyond the layers of earth and I was united with my king.