The Chaos of Witchita:part 2

Miguel the warrior angel journal entries:

the war of Wichita

by,Lakira Mitchum

part 2


The war of wichita lasted more than 300 winter solstice cycles,and each warrior had to clean his armor almost every hour of the morning songs.I was (thirteen years old in human years) when I marched into battle and I had many strifes with  myself as well my brothers, we worked well as a team. My father had many arsenals and one of them was the army lead by my mother, her commanding officer Artemis, and Arthmia they were twin sisters that fought side by side in battle.Their army would send us galactic signals from the other side of the witchtian universe, I knew the women were powerful because we often saw the corpses of the Titans  being dragged through black holes by them. Tabitha was my wife at the time and she died in battle. The war was almost over by the time my first child was 3 years old he was only a star in the universe, and I was going into hysteria.I hated war but, I enjoyed watching my brothers plot, fight and sing in battle especially Lucifer, and Clonidious Tyler, and Pahnoatiao, and My father who at the time was nicknamed Hercules.

Hercules had plans of making a universe where he becomes a gentle man that dies for humanity but, for now the he is a war hero. I ate many meals for pleasure although I was never hungry, I pressed myself to return to heaven to bathe in my mother’s chambers when ever I had a chance.

I had seven changes of clothes underneath my armor and eighteen swords and Axes in my armory. My brother Thor was a busy man, and he made many weapons with his hamor but, what made me happy was the red ribboned sword he made for me for my birthday  it was created to release and  ignite extreme and intensified electric waves at a extremely high frequency. whenever I swung it at my enemies they practically disintegrated under the heat, but the larger the titan, the longer my weapon took to kill my enemies.I must  brag about my younger sibling Gabriel he was only a messenger and  was only 8 feet tall and had an diet that only consisted of breast milk and vegan food, his gift in fighting was gravity, he has his center of gravitational pull.

he created electromagnetic waves and was fully capable of pulling things apart and putting them together with his mind.

This realm was very dark and sinister, there were times we were under hypnosis, and fought against ourselves and our own armies, and my mother and father were the only ones capable of breaking these spells over our minds by telling us to sing melodies similar to children’s nursery rhymes in our head s to help us focus on the battle ahead.Our enemies were so strange they drank their own blood as a way to feel powerful, their were in a way very stupid, arrogant,repulsive and sickening to look at.My eyes would need to be shielded in some battles because, of hideousness some of the  beast who we were fighting but; overall we had a very fascinating and and somewhat terrifying journey.Their  were tunnels that rinked of blood and gaseous chemicals, that would cause an typical human’s mouth to bleed at the very scent of them.

To be continued:




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