Walter elias Disney’s journal part2

Walter Elias Disney


Journal part 2

Everything is peachy, until a it’s a small world breaks down, I’m Walt Disney , and I always find it necessary to introduce myself before making some speech about  my innovative ideas, Great I’m a dead man with good intentions, I believe I never died,I just found better things to do, somewhere else.

My uncle once told me,“Walt you’re gonna own this, big piece of shit we call earth and sit on it” and I believed him.

and it turns out it’s true. I spent most of my years being Mr. perfect for children and old ladies to kiss on the cheek, little did I know My name would be chanted across the planet til, kingdom come, I was never a fan of finding Nemo , because captain nemo was never a good person, and I hate how overplayed Frozen is because, it so god damned predictable to me, but hey! if the children like it that’s all that matters, I have to say pixar is incredible and I love all of their work but, I only wish I was still alive to state my own opinions beside it is in my name after all.

I think pluto the Dog needs a movie ,and Disney need to go back to the classics, like Mickey , Minnie , Donald and Goofy, I don’t care about the suit life of Zack and cody and their damned white privileged arrogantly written scripted episodes about their stupid antics,Lets be honest daytime television kind of sucks right now,and most good shows are on the what we call  internet. I would like to express I am extremely happy with how some of the corporation actually did carry out my legacy , but this bullshit about the Nanny named Jessie, what the hell? is going on some of these child actors need their hinds torn with a leather belt, these shows don’t teach kids anything but how to like boys and to sing crappy pop songs about things they don’t understand.  I know i’m old but, being honest I am a little ashamed of Disney channel.Disney was meant to educate children and  adults not dumb them down. Please, stop ,the madness there’s too much going on in this world for to just sit by and watch children ignore reality.


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