This little Mermaid part 2

Rewrite of Disney’s The little mermaid

by;Lakira Mitchum

First person narrative


I was weak and drifting in the dark depths of the sea until still struggling in the creature’s grip, at this point my tail is losing blood and my eyes are were beginning to grow tired,The Rakkaus began to swim to the surface dragging me with her, in one of  her tentacles, in a faint  second I began to hear men’s  cacophony, although I thought I was dead,i was merely unconscious  I felt that there was a battle  between my capture and prince Eric’s fleet .They were trying to kill the Rakkaus with these deadly sharp objects they called harpoons. The battle was so intense she eventually lost grip of me,I believe she was more injured than I was,and I heard a large plunge  when I saw a strange manlike figure swimming towards me, I felt him catch me before I fell any further into the depths sea,  

I slowly began to wake up but, my tail and my body was still in malaise, I knew it was him holding my torso taking me somewhere I have never been before.I woke up, to the dexterous movement of men on the ship only to find myself in a glass case filled with water,It seemed as though I was in the captain’s quarters but, it was hard to tell in the glass box, the refraction of the light puzzled me. My vision was little blurred;I heard voices around me and I didn’t know what to expect but I was in complete fascination as well as perplexed with my new environment I could feel the Goddess healing me, and my discomforts began to fade away, when heard the familiar voice of prince Eric.I am not sure if I was excited to hear him or, desensitized of his presence my infatuation with him was very complex because of his crude tone.

I went  into a soft slumber in hopes that I may have found a safe dwelling place amongst these sailors.The night turned into morning and I was abruptly peeled out of my glass case,only to be observed by ugly perverted , and curious men.They opened my case and poked tail my with some sort of tiny sharp object to harvested my blood; with fascination it seemed they were studying it. Two men took me from my water case little did they know my fin tail would transform into human like legs with scales that glistened in the morning light.In awe one of the two men carried me to the quarters of the Captain  James Shalom Hensworth, he was tall and handsome with a very pointy nose and he had a darling way of speaking to me,with a smile and a nod he greeted me and he expressed that,  he was amazed of my presence and demanded the sailors to put, me down to stand.Naked and afraid I shivered as I gazed at his  hazel eyes he was man of power, I could tell he was a lover of the Goddess by his strange and mysterious persona.

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