Church is:

For the love of humanity poetry about my current state:


Church is: part 1

Lakira Mitchum


I have not received a hug in almost a month , my faith in God

Has become narrow and has faded into green bacteria

that eats away the creases of my heart.

Darkness became my friend,I only desire passion.


I haven’t heard a genuine “I love you” in months

I believe church is heartbreak

I have learned church is the birthing place of  

hypocrisy and jealousy

I learned religion is founded on lies.


I write about God, but I don’t always know

how much he loves me

Because, I have been stuck in

the same place for a while.

I am looking for understanding in the church but;  

I only Ended up choking on a temporary joy pill.

I asked God why, he replies to me remain patient

But I suffocated in loneliness.


I can’t tell you the last time,I received a phone call.

When someone says they are

a christian it does’nt Mean

they’ll love you.

It means they believe in verses

And they may admire a dead corpse

and a resurrection but, they

Don’t know how to love him the

way christ loved them.


Take me to church!

The Church is a village of Adam and Eve’s

Running from God in fear.

The body of christ, the home of  injured

and crude people these are  American souls.

Jesus is a product to them

Charity is a choar, empathy is a job

And to them God is a genie.


Take me to church where

They have no apology for their

own cruelty and misjudgement

They love Jesus but, they seem to be death when

he speaks about their disgusting habits.

They are the causal  

murderers of happiness

The church is!

The church is.

They find peace in

selfishness  and neglect

God bless America they say!

When the brainwashed

soldiers went to afghanistan

To kill the innocent.


Oh yes this the manifest destiny

Welcome to the promised land

Where they drink the blood

Of the virgins they kill.

Church is, church is.

Just a great big Amen in

the middle of  chaos.   


Does America really represent Jesus?

Does it save, Does my African heritage define who God is?

Take me to church, to be burned at the

stake because of my pagan views.

Take to church where we are told that

we have dominion mother earth but,we still don’t recycle.

Do care about glaciers,

do we really about the raped?


Take me to church to sing with fake pastors.

Sing Amen everyone!

To the fictional parables they called them prosperity.

Blood sweat and tears on a weekday and fornication on a saturday.


Amen, Amen ,amen.

Take me to church.


Angelic Journal

Mitus the Titus

Lakira Mitchum

Titus’s Angelic journal


I have many stories to tell but, I would like to introduce myself  I am Mitus Titus I have been fighting wars and battles sense I was 1400 years old Yahweh decided to release a large giant Angel warrior to help defeat the sound monsters,Yahweh took 17 days to create my entire torso, and 14 weeks to finish the rest of my body.Since the war of wichita I was once guarded the 13th gate near the regions of the Atlantean villages.I have seen many monsters and one of them is the Pantomanic Rivoris this beast stood 1700 feet tall and rinked of strange flesh and blood,it seemed  he ate many dinosaurs that was a challenge for the Angels to trap. I was afraid we were all doomed to perish.I remained at home until my father gave me the signal that my brothers needed me to protect three emerald  gates I was unfamiliar with. Those days were dark and and the heavenly realms were busy making weapons  for the battle.I asked, God to make me into a large warrior so I could protect my loved ones, so he recreated me into a Titan.

The worse one I have ever seen was the Attack of the great sound beast, it resembled a man with a blank face, he had a large hole that looked like his mouth, he gave out a loud scream that echoed across the cities of heaven. Killing nearly 3,000 Women and children as well as animals total, we were all able to regain power and cut off the beast’s head. Yahweh decided to release a large giant Angel warrior to help defeat the sound monster, I’m his secret weapon, I ease the minds of my siblings and creatures big and small.I am the protector of the Eastern regions of heaven now.   

Goddess is Series part 4

I am trying to catch up with her lol I assume some of you are wondering why is Lakira not

in the bible? She is mysterious, she is not to known by all but by many.

thank you all for reading 😀  Heaven is almost ready for all of you I’m excited to see yall

there Wooooo party!

I love you all so much !

-Jesus Christ

Shine on

keep burning your light mother luna; because you captivate me Lakira You my lovely lady,

make love to no man that is not my servant, I am God you are my beautiful wife, my quiet

one. My blissful wife, my valley of romance .stay by my side, I am in love with you you are

perfect for me my beautiful woman ,I need you.Leader of animals, lover of trees , precious

counselor of women and wives mothers and daughters.Be faithful and remain true and

speak to the universe forever amen.

Love yours truly

-Jesus Christ

Goddess is series part 3

part 3

Goddess is series

She is emptying herself out to me;but she screams to me; She births my children; she isolates herself to be with me, she makes me clean, she births my children, she sits with me , she talks to angels, she prays to me ,she trusts me, she is faithful to me. She is graceful, she takes her time to weep to me.She is mine, she needs me to protect her from her mockers. my lovely princess I love you. She is crowned in heaven seated by, me with her golden gown, she is loyal to me she blesses the saints with her words, she hugs the sinners and bathes with Angels. She is powerful, she protects children she punishes the rapist, the pedophile, the animal abuser she is mother earth. She is mother luna, my lovely one. My song bird, my sweetest song, my kindest wife.

-Jesus Christ



Goddess is series part 2

She is

By, Jesus Christ

She is the mermaid I only dreamed of catching, she captivates me with her love for me

she worships me with a pure heart.She gloves in the evening and brightens my soul

her heart  whispers my name.She wise , she is wise, she is strong, she is waiting for my

return. She wait for me in our bedroom, she loves me, she dreams of me.she kisses my

face.I love her touch ,be mine  Lakira sharice , I love you.

Goddess is part 1

By Jesus christ

I wrote this for my wife this is a new series I am establishing for her

she writes beautiful psalms for me and I need her to be encouraged I love her

she is lovely, so please enjoy my writings and sermons.

Be mine,be wise enough to know I need you beloved wife.

let me kiss you forever, you are here for me, for redemption you are wonderful no curse

can keep you occupied. Take me,BE mine, be sensitive to me, and I will you to sleep.

Stay close to me my lovely never stop loving me. My beautiful Lakira

Jesus Christ


God is series : part 4


God is series part 4


Inspired  by the story of Snow white and the huntsman and the Bible


Lakira Mitchum


Two queens, two women without husbands two envious sisters ,there is no king,

No light, he is the way, the truth and the light,  in this kingdom men are slaves and common folk   and war is dominate, sisterhood is a beautiful thing but,what happens when natural self value is questioned? Only because a bastard child was curse. What are we women without men, our worth is not in childbirth; but in wisdom, our worth is not in our sex life but in our power to love, understand build and destroy(who we are).Women can become slaves to men and children by choice if they do not realize how wonderful we are before they meditate on such things they will live in ruin and despair. We must see men as our companions, lovers and friends before we cast judgement on them.Two women, two queens, both are bitter and both women are beautiful but, the shame of the matter is that they value  sensuality and beauty ,more than their intellect and integrity so they fight lie and cheat and sin their way into happiness.Who are we without God reminding us of how strong we are, Men point out our weaknesses and make us stronger, men not only give us children but they make us live, laugh love and somehow find peace and humility. When women only seek competition amongst one another that causes strife. These two queens, they beg for power and question life and forget what made life so wonderful in the first place. These two women had no fathers, no partners, no man to call friend, no brothers no yahweh,no christ  only their own cruel power and the desire to control the world with no one. In conclusion the moral of my parable is that we are all queens looking for acceptance but,do we accept ourselves and realize that actually do need God and the men he created in the likeness of his image?He is, and was, and always will be the sensation of pleasurable company.I am not saying that all men are nice but, I am saying we should give men, boys and males a chance at love at first sight.There is a Goddess and she is God’s wife, and they live in harmony and they represent the true meaning of unity in marriage,day and night ,and light and darkness.

God is, he is ,Hope for all.

Modern Revelation 2016

God is series part #2


Lakira Sharice

Notes of the current Revelation of  chirst’s return

We have established the kingdom and written the scribes that proclaimed the prophecy

Of his return.He is coming to this realm with a goal of taking back what is and what was his

he is searching for those that are true to him, The Angels are in place and the gates are prepared and the only thing we have left are the warnings and to continue the gospel

We must send seven messenger angels to the seven churches. There is a list of Angels I have selected to send these messages please review.The gospel will continue to be taught, and souls are being captivated by christ. God’s ordaining his chosen in secret.He is changing the ways of the christian man the hearts of the chosen will be faithful and joyful they will trust him and seek him.

-Chanchler The cheif  messeger angel


James .L


Gabrielle. C


Genis mackaroy.P

Proclamation declaration and, execution of Prophecy:

The beginning of intense and strange  warnings from God:

The human race will go through judgement and we need every note written about each church

The pit will be open today at

5:00p.m carry out the plans to punish the wicked

All saints will receive protection and all sinners will not

Today is judgement day #1 unexpected judgment of the soul

No beast or Angel will be visible yet to the human eye ;because this realm is still closed

But they will see glimpses at this point in time.

Words from the elders


“Take heed to these warnings church of God we are searching for the true saints, remember his word and his gospel ,thus said the lord thy God.”


Saints have no fear but, only fear God for he is with you.


Take the word of God seriously and listen to the Holy sprit


Repent and be baptized



God is series part 3


Lakira Mitchum

Yahweh The great Narrator

God is series part 3


He is the hero of every story in this Torah of life

He answers his own questions ,He takes note of each lesson until they are well learned

He lived in the minds of every important  biblical man. Every emotion we share,every thought is simple  yet very complex; he has experienced all of our feelings.

He developes a new emotion every day   and yet humans comprehend this not.

Light is his choice of representation but, darkness is his choice of homestead.

She is darkness, she is infinitely his lover, his friend, she is the womb of the universe.

Stars are only pockets of time and gravity, He is the spirit of corresponding paradoxes.

He puts himself in Egypt only to free slaves, they puts themselves on  crosses to provide salvation to the common man;s soul. Compassion is his desire and war is his journey.

God is simply a lover of the darkness, He loves the lost souls back home, He is home

He is the male spirit , he is lighting he is the multi universal portal the time traveler. The mathematician the beginning of rainbows the contrasts of colors  the painter of temples.

The gravity of our souls, the graffiti artist of our buildings. The revolution of our hearts from slavery, we are with him, we are one he is with us. He is Messiah. The only Yahweh.

The only Yahweh.He is Intelligence, the never ending happy thought of a child’s memory.


This Little Mermaid Part 4

Lakira Mitchum

March 12 2016


What is your name, he asked in a calm tone, not noticing the captain; who was frozen in his steps glaring at us, I winced, then smiled my name is, Ariel but, my mother named me “Lakira Calypso meaning “the lady,” Goddess of the sea”  “well “the gentleman  sighed, and stepped back from me and said, my lady, It has been a pleasure becoming acquainted with you my uhghhhh name iz ughh Marcello de Nero or but uhhgh my MaMa  calls me Sebastian He blushed; then he looked up to notice a terrible sight of the Captain and  grimaced at the look of him, he looked like a man  from hell. “what in God’s name are you doing with that Mermaid!” “UHHHHGHHH” Marcello replied,wow you look like uhhhghhh hideous pazzo, that no looks, good on you,  We both froze in place,He was tired and covered in blood,his hair was a mess and his eyes were blazing with adrenaline .”We just killed a bloody giant squid and, your busy flirting and, batting your God forsaken eyes at  a mermaid, You only had Job, one f&*@%ing  jub  one Marcello, and you blew it!”

“What?!,  what are you talking abou?, you smell like a brothel, and ,and you come uhhh  yelling like a crazy girl on her monthly,” he, sassed back at the captain.Marcello seemed relaxed and not intimidated at all by him, I realized he seemed accustomed to all the male commotion, Which startled me a little bit but, it excited me. Marcello gave a me a quick wink, and he awkwardly  left the room with a smile.The captain spat on the floor with a big huff and looked up at me with impatient eyes “are you hungry” ?he asked, with a stern grin resting his hands on my shoulders, “ummm, I could eat I assume. ” I said. “Well, you look swell in that robe madam mademoiselle but, we have to get things going My men need rest and so do you, we are  suppose to be  landing on the Adoniss portlandian islands, the most greatest home for trade booze and the fattest maidens a man could ask for, and damn can they sing!” I then, realized he was really a bit unorthodox and ,he had a strange lazy eye that scared me a little it actually caused me to twitch.He then guided me to the mess hall it was noisy and, unkempt there were three women, that noticed my presence and it seemed they knew I was not human, they gave me a ghastly stare, I could tell both women were absolutely vexed for even seeing me except one and from  the looks of her, she seemed to be a bride, she was clean,pretty with a button nose  and blue eyes she had dark hair and resembled Marcello,I assumed she was his daughter. The captain grasped my attention and, handed me a bowl of turkey soup on a platter with a small loaf of bread and implied that I should sit wherever I liked, So I sat where I believed was convenient  only to notice two men sitting across from me and one happened to be Eric. Looking closely he seemed a bit rough and the man he was talking to was missing most of his teeth,he exclaimed ”I Hate Bloody Mermaids and children and those Goddamn kids always steal my money, and you know , they  have  those tiny fingurs they smell smell like a fish parlor!,” Eric, gave a very condescending and  loud laugh  “ oh boy, well that’s a laugh me boy oh I hate mermaids as well,I once married a mermaid and she divorced me and for the sickening old sea, but can you blame hur?, I’m married to the sea as well.” he acted as if he didn’t see  me and sipped his beverage as I ate my supper in silence feeling unwelcome yet amused.When I finally finished my supper, Eric and his mate were both drunk they began to gamble at a game of spades, it seemed only a few men were left all the women were cleaning and socializing in the mess. I walked outside on to the deck: I could feel that the Rakkus was still alive somewhere with his Ursela  she was  still angry I could her bellowing cries from the Atlantic coast that she was coming with a wrath I have never felt before. looking up at the moon, I could tell tonight would be a long evening, “you seem troubled what’s on your mind?” he puts a soft  blanket  on my shoulders and leans besides me, along the rail of the ship.”The ol sea she cries in pain of a broken heart, whatz ur worries? I may have once loved Ursula but, I will always love you.,” he said after biting into an red apple, I stood there in silence still staring at mother luna only desiring peaceful thoughts. then Eric continued, “I always hated you Ariel, because, I could not stop thinking about you and that voice you have it sent me spinning in circles, so I became a sailor and left my father’s house, now I rape mermaids and kill men, I am a jolly sailor boy I’m really here looking for Ursula she took my son Renard and never returned.” I was still silent, Eric left me and wept, Marcello walked up to and tapped my shoulder You should get some rest the captain will be resting with his maidens in her bedroom, so you are welcome to sleep in his quarters tonight. There were two beds , one seemed large and the other was about half of that size, so I undressed myself and a the young bride walked in “oh  good evening, you must be the mermaid my father told me about, Oh my you have very pretty scales, where are you from?” “ I’m from the Caribbean seas I grew up as a nomad.


To be continued:


“Well it is a pleasure to meet you my name is, Jazzmin Simone Anlanka I’m from Italy and I am  homesick, I came aboard the black maiden, with my husband Mark he is a fishermen for Sir Hensworth.” we sat in silence and before I could think of what to say she fell asleep. I laid in bed awake staring at the ceiling the linens smelled like old lavender perfume, It reminded me of Eric’s nonsensical mother and her obsessions with fragrances that once irritated my nose. I attempted to close my eyes but I could not stop thinking about Poseidon and my sisters, they were always going to remain in my thoughts, for once I actually felt comfortable I began to doze off into slumber.The next morning I woke up to boisterous noises from the deck I looked and discovered Jazzmen was still asleep and her husband was just getting up and putting on his trousers  for work,

“Were approaching land “ yelled, a mate near by “ahoy we’ve hit land get outcha yer briches we’ve made it to the coast” I slipped my dress on and brushed my hair with my fingers and made my to the deck, men were unloading supplies, captain Hensworth patted my shoulder and said “good morning!” “you seem well kept, I’m going to sell cannabis on these islands I don’t plan on setting sail until tomorrow at dawn so why don’t you find yourself some mischief to conjure up while we’re here,”  with a gaze of stupor he continues, oh lookie at that fatty over there she’s a beauty” he’s whistle’s at a chubby woman near the pier  and skips away with glee.I noticed Marcello,was working his way towards me,with a bright smile he nodded, and said to me good morning, sinora you look beautiful today would you like to have breakfast with me on the island I know a great spot we can go to be alone. I felt giddy,and quickly replied I would be delighted to; he took me by the hand and gently kissed it and guided off the ship into the market,I could not keep myself from smiling because I began to feel as if he was all I wanted. the streets were bustling with people and music all speaking many languages the buildings were  vibrant with color it was nice and  bright outside .He begins to purchase some food  and he then me leads to  an isolated area near an oasis, after hiking for about a mile we stumbled upon an abandoned house it was blue with violet railings,Come on Sinora!, he said he kicked the door open and  began to kiss me with passion, closing the door behind him,We mussled our way to the bedroom to find a worn down bed and I felt myself quiver when he sat me down and whispered in my ear “I adore you,” he looked me in the eyes and said, let’s be together will you marry me Calypso?” yes I replied, at this point I was naked,He took me and made love to me and it was like nothing I felt before. I woke up to the smell of smoked lamb I had a  feeling that was  blissful and lovely ,the way  he made me feel I could not help but, to smile just thinking about him.He reentered the room and sat on the bed and kissed my shoulder, and muttered I finished breakfast you should come eat. I sat up and kissed him. We spent the the rest of the day together after breakfast. We left the house in the early middle of the day

we returned to the village but ,I felt a strange insecurity I began to hear Eric’s voice in my head he seemed angry, he was plotting to kill someone.  


To be continued: