Angel’s homesickness series part 1


The story Samuel Papua( the three horned man)

Angel homesickness series part 1


The three horned man that guards Hades, he sings to the king that sits on the throne

And does many duties but his  most important one he does with every part of his being is guard the gates of Hell from wandering spirits and strange witchcraft. His name is Samuel Papua he   stands 11 feet tall and carries a staff he speaks in rhymes and requests codes that only Angels and, Demons that work for the king and queen knows.He is blind by choice and has very clever hearing abilities, he cherishes his time in Heaven but, when he guards in the underworld he remembers his family in heaven, He smiles when he feels comfort because really ,he too is homesick, he doesn’t know what it’s like to be human but, his emotions sometimes he can relate to them.His eyes glow many colors when God speaks to him and, his body becomes new when the goddess speak to him.He is actually handsome but, he chooses to wear a mask that can intimidate the human soul. He lives alone on the Sabbath, but on the weekdays he speaks to his brothers.His skin is dark and his arms are strong, and he sings eerie songs at the gates of hell,

He is only friendly to those that deserve it, he has compassion when it is necessary but, he also has remorse for those that fail him.

Homer’s Heavenly Story:Angel journal

Born on  Earth as Homer

By,Lakira Mitchum


“I literally wrote everything he said, and we didn’t get far”

As told by Diamus

The fights of Olympus

The shining light of my wings blind me  from seeing everything I will try to imply as much as of my story as I can; My name is Diamus and I am the great story teller of the adventures of warriors , I keep track of all accounts concerning the battles beyond these earthly times.

I stand 400 hundred feet tall and I am the only Angel created in my image, I have no wife or children, and I can barely see the screen,  I am sorry Lakira I will keep going now, I keep all of my stories in my little notebook I have here on my side I have to find it hold on.

Speaking in my native language I wrote the story of Coretta : He was large man like child that lived in the lower regions of Heaven call Vihcitta  He had many friends and was very fond of the Cinderella story so he made many references to slave girls from the country lands of Egypt. He made his own weapons and these were the days before Thor was born. The goddess was pleased with him and gave him many gifts from her armory and chambers.He was very clever and well a bit unorthodox he often hopped on one foot to seem funny, I wasn’t to sure what that was about but, overall he was a great person.

His favorite sport was the gladiator competitions in the great mountains of heaven where men and women would fight Bulls and oxen and other scary and strange creatures from above, and one strange day he ended up fighting the great Cratoes or, if you would like to call him Aires, the fallen God of war, you should learn more about him and take a break for now now;


to be continued:


Micheal the Angel:Journal entry

Micheal the Angel

My vacation time & getting to know Jesus


Journal Entry

My interest in heavenly affairs has sent me in into a new realm of my personality, it’s actually a phase of worship I have been experiencing for the longest;when I am not at war I am typically making art. I have been enjoying the new regions parks and attractions and I have met many new friends and family members, my brother Gabriel had just told me he has finished his a new project on the centrals area of the gates of heaven, and he was not sure how to spend his free time. So I told him to go swimming with his friends, every since I have gotten to know Jesus I have met a new standard for friendship, he is a very peaceful man and he often makes many jokes about his children and wife he loves his family and I am grateful to have him as a role model. He found anew justice and that is actually learning about the Goddess herself he is very wise beautiful and intelligent he is quite infatuated by her intellect hopefully he will reveal more of his true feelings towards her.He is really into building light fixtures right now ,something similar to wooden chandeliers, and hanging lights, his house is made of wood and tree bark and he enjoys surfing, cooking and laughing at his own jokes uncontrollably. He is still a carpenter and he likes to stare at the sunset and dance like wild man in the dark , I have to admit I am actually enjoying my vacation and I hope to see my new bride soon.


Lakira for writing my Journal and, I love you




Airborne(poem inspired by Disney)



Written By Lakira Mitchum


He believed in something, he saw innovation

He saw the future.

He saw many men fail, many women fall.

“It all started with a mouse,he said”

But really it all started with tears,

Blood and sweat, trial and folly

Courage was his weapon for every proposal

He could relate to Biggie smalls.


Even a  mouse had to hussle,

Even the king of magic kingdom

Tore up his dreams sometimes.

He saw many planes crashes,

he lost many friends, life didn’t come easy

But he became airborne.

He told us to wish upon a star,

He had the charm to inspire us all

As children.


And his ideas began in a corn field,

On the back of a wagon,

In a outhouse, he was airborne

When no one  believed in him.

That little mouse

That humble nimble squeaky little

Creature, that was often underestimated

Was a hero, a artist, a king.

“And it started with a mouse.”


inspried , by Walt Disney

and Roy Disney




By,Lakira Sharice Mitchum

Eyes are windows to the human soul

They whisper the truth

when we aren’t bold enough

To scream it out loud.

They tell stories that are mysterious

they illustrate the very  being of us to those that do not know us.


Eyes are a gateway to someone’s heart

It brightens the image that we look for

In others.

It clarifies what we perceive as a

page in someone’s book.

A glimpse of a chapter in their life


Our eyes say many things

They tell others when we are broken,

Happy, and even strong.

The human spirit sings through

Our eyes. Love can be captured

And hate can be harvested through

One’s eyes.


In some way our eyes resemble

The heart of God,universal creator; the first intelegence

its  strangely connected to heaven.The human

eye can tell us a thousand

Things it can even define who we are.

Our identity, our DNA, our emotions,

our humanity,our personality

Can be seen in one’s eyes.  


Our eyes are just a small photograph of the galaxies of our universe

We call home.

The fight against sex slavery/human Trafficking


“God pleases the Goddess

When he loves her children

He is the good father.

He knows us ,He knows our universe

We are all his children.” -Lakira Mitchum

Home sickness series:

By ,Lakira Mitchum

We often times believe we belong to slave owners, we sometimes see ourselves thinking our pain is pleasure, we accept our insecurities; our flaws and see them as failures. They fall in love with monsters and pimps, broken kings and lustful thieves of innocence.I seem to repeat  myself often, remember you are a child of Heaven how often do I have to remind you.The fall Eden does not define you, because of salvation, you are worth more than sin, you are worth more than any drug serum, or money a man can provide. You left home and forgot where you came from.

you are magnificent and you are suppose to be homesick for heaven; you were meant to be in heaven.

You came from the beautiful womb of the Goddess, you didn’t come from a brothel , the stripper pole  is not your only friend,you are worth every drop of blood, every strand of DNA that formed you is precious.We did not evolve from dinosaurs, just so a naive human being can tell us we are worthless.The was no price placed of the DNA .Run away from the slave holders, the pimps the monsters that hold you captive and run home.


Moses account part 2: Journey of Paran

Moses account part 2


Our journey through Paran was our the time we encountered the presence of the Goddess; this was not recorded in the Torah because Yahweh did not desire for us to write these things down,due to future prophecies. The Goddess wore a gold dress and she had a long staff that resembled the sun, she was tall and glorious.

She was beautiful and bright with dark skin;. and radiant eyes she spoke to us concerning our young girls,that they must be taken care of in a manner of that of a princess. She told us to treat the women well and to teach them with self respect. Our men were so amazed by the Goddess’s beauty that some of them did not remember or respect everything she said , instead they were distracted.No vails were necessary, and she was quiet and slow to move, she was still like the moon.

The Goddess had a gentle presence that made women feel comfortable instead of fearful. From then on out the women of the children of israel became better midwives and had less painful periods, and I Moses was more kinder to our female allies. I had no desire to hurt a woman ever again because of that encounter. I have learned being a woman is very important and the woman hood should never be degraded. We also learned the proper way to celebrate the birth of a young  baby girl, we sacrificed female lambs for girls and instead circumcision we anointed them with oil prayers and praises of how beautiful they were.


Fatherhood:Our Birthrights

By Lakira Mitchum


What pleases the Goddess: his father hood

The Bride of the father.

Our birthrights is to know God.


What pleases the Goddess ,Is the love the father has for them.

The blissful feeling is knowing,  he kisses his children on

The forehead and gives them all faith.

They can feel him in every being of nature.

The love the father has is for all .

We are all looking for PaPa he isn’t far from us.


He comforts the Jew, the Christian ,the muslim

The atheist , the agnostic ,the lost , the confused

The transgender, the pagan, the wiccan,

 Every being  even though they don’t reconize him

 sees he is Yahweh, he is love

He is the good good father,

We feel him in nature,

We feel him in the movies

In books in fire, water, food,

He knows our desires.

We feel God in rivers that flow


God pleases the Goddess

When he loves her children

He is the good father.

He knows us

He knows our universe

We are all his children.


We have been waiting for papa to come home

But, he has been here all this time.

He wants to welcome us .

He knows we are homesick.

Loving him and receiving his love

is our birthright.


Abba Sermon

Mike pats

Greenhouse church

Our birth rights.

Love of the Goddess:

Our birth rights.

By Lakira Mitchum  


They say that love is complicated

But, really it’s quite simple

We are the ones that complicated love

With our fears.

We create our own doubt

Our own fears our own

Wasteful thoughts, can suffocate us into sadness.


We were born with love in our hearts

We were meant to have courage

We were meant to seek kindness.

We naturally identify mercy and compassion.

We should not forget this right.

Love is, and was who we are.

Love is Heaven and, its citizens heaven seek love;

We can live in heaven everyday, if we remember to love.


We just had to reach deep

in our souls and remember

What is love, it’s who we are

Who our God and Goddess is.


Love is forever it’s eternal

We just have to remember.

We have the right to love, and be loved.


Childhood: Love of the Goddess


Motherhood:love of the Goddess



By, Lakira Mitchum


Her childhood is what you make it to be,

His smile makes your heart happy

You usually have no idea why.


A childhood is a garden,

a flower that must be nourished.

When his seed is planted into the mother earth

She is blessed to see the hearts bloom.


A happy child is a happy future

A lovely child is a wonderful past

Those memories are timeless.

Our worries often make us forget

How wonderful a child’s laughter can

Sooth any painful disaster.


We make their lives worthwhile

While their existence,was all the blessings we asked for.


Mother Earth loves the innocent

The  gentle and brave yet strong.

Children can bring

Hope and blissfulness

Beyond their understanding.


Childhood is a gift

And it is a precious

part of the human soul.

It makes up who they are.

To a child Love has

a deeper meaning.


Everything matters to them

Every story, every feeling

Every thought, from their first cry to

Their final breath it all matters.

Touch can affect the most fragile flower

And wisdom will help them win the

Hardest battles.

Childhood says everything is new

Everything is special.

Every broken bone and lost tooth

Is only a, battle scar of growing up.


We are what makes the childhood.