Continuing The Story Of Spiritual Unity


We are in universal Harmony

Lakira Mitchum

We are all looking for a homestead a place to proclaim “that this is where our spirit was meant to dwell”. We come from a place beyond our minds can seek we are beings from a heavenly realm, we are creations. Humans can you say you are homesick?, Do you desire to return to this place where the  perfect being dwells? we were meant to be perfect but, do you desire a freedom from your sinful life. Separation from from our perfect home has made us forget who we are,so we became reckless. We were molecules growing in God’s heart, we have evolved to be just the way he meant us to be. The dinosaurs and animals relationship’s with the parent’s of this universe is not the same as our human ways; animals are innocent they live on instinct and they spend less time dwelling upon their emotions.We are meant to look like and think like this great being we call God and Goddess, women and men were created in a distinct unique characteristic.Everything around us that is organic, plants animals, stars, fire, water, air, are all living things connected to God but, because of the fall of eden, it is difficult to sense this connection

This universe is simply the beginning of our lives, The Bible and the Torah are merely a glimpse of where we come from ;Our surroundings say so much more.


Lakira Mitchum


Harmony part 1 Story of the universe:

Amalgamation we are one:, We are together, connected to one another, together in feelings, united in thoughts; although we are different,our existence is the same.We see in many colors.Our spirits are not color blind. We dwell in this universe under the same stars, breathing the same air.We are kissed by the same sun, embraced by the same moonlight. We smell the same fragrance ,all with different ideas, but, that’s what makes us beautiful. Homogeneity;We are all connected; we are all made by the same God He is abba; and she is Amah the mother earth, We are all human; We dance to God’s heart beat, the beat of his music.

The God and Goddess is existence, he is the light the beginning of infinity. He is Alpha and Omega. He is lightning , and she is thunder,She is sound ,he is light. He is the thought of time and space, he is the author of our universe and, she is the artist that births his children. They are the  perpetuity, of this immense eternal life. The perfection of order and chaos are in his sovereign control and his marriage to the mother is always and will always be an cohesion of constant creation.

Life comes from their harmony their unity;He is the cause of the great Nativity, The birthing of the galaxies, The parents of Angels and all living beings., They sit in the gases of spiral galaxies, and sing through black holes of the solar systems.


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