Hell’s Existance



The Embers of hell are never the same as the fires of Temples and Tabernacles the fire does not gracefully burn the same as the typical fire we see, it’s a more painful burn and form of chaotic fire that is actually not pleasurable to watch.Hell is located in the spirit realm in the center of our galaxy right under heaven, it’s identical to the center of the sun.Hell is God’s and the Goddess dungeon it’s place of teaching and torture.Believe or not most demons work for Heaven their job is too punish the wicked  and to fulfill God’s will but, also teach humans to fear the spirit realm  as well as torture the weak minded.Christians often misunderstand their life challenges as Satan but, life just happens bad things are not always a curse from hell. The Fallen Angels was actually apart God’s plan,   Hell was meant  to exist Hell represents the holy parent’s Anger and Wrath. My desire is that people gain a understanding in God and actually genuinely knowing him not out of fear of hell. We all know hell is a terrible place but, I have gained understanding even Lucifer respects God and those greater than him.The human race has to realize they are the only ones keeping themselves from heaven with their choices to be be spiritually ignorant.

Even Lucifer finds sin to be disgusting and realizes it’s his job to torture those that enjoy it without remorse, Lucifer actually is not an anarchist if he was I’m sure he would have tried to kill Jesus instead of Herod ,Pontius Pilate and  other persecutors; Lucifer even worships Yahweh and his wife, as strange as it sounds satanists are extremely misguided.Hell’s existence is somehow a part of Heaven’s plan angels and demons actually still see each other as siblings.They wok together to do as God pleases both good and bad.


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