Fatherhood:Our Birthrights

By Lakira Mitchum


What pleases the Goddess: his father hood

The Bride of the father.

Our birthrights is to know God.


What pleases the Goddess ,Is the love the father has for them.

The blissful feeling is knowing,  he kisses his children on

The forehead and gives them all faith.

They can feel him in every being of nature.

The love the father has is for all .

We are all looking for PaPa he isn’t far from us.


He comforts the Jew, the Christian ,the muslim

The atheist , the agnostic ,the lost , the confused

The transgender, the pagan, the wiccan,

 Every being  even though they don’t reconize him

 sees he is Yahweh, he is love

He is the good good father,

We feel him in nature,

We feel him in the movies

In books in fire, water, food,

He knows our desires.

We feel God in rivers that flow


God pleases the Goddess

When he loves her children

He is the good father.

He knows us

He knows our universe

We are all his children.


We have been waiting for papa to come home

But, he has been here all this time.

He wants to welcome us .

He knows we are homesick.

Loving him and receiving his love

is our birthright.


Abba Sermon

Mike pats

Greenhouse church


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