Moses account part 2: Journey of Paran

Moses account part 2


Our journey through Paran was our the time we encountered the presence of the Goddess; this was not recorded in the Torah because Yahweh did not desire for us to write these things down,due to future prophecies. The Goddess wore a gold dress and she had a long staff that resembled the sun, she was tall and glorious.

She was beautiful and bright with dark skin;. and radiant eyes she spoke to us concerning our young girls,that they must be taken care of in a manner of that of a princess. She told us to treat the women well and to teach them with self respect. Our men were so amazed by the Goddess’s beauty that some of them did not remember or respect everything she said , instead they were distracted.No vails were necessary, and she was quiet and slow to move, she was still like the moon.

The Goddess had a gentle presence that made women feel comfortable instead of fearful. From then on out the women of the children of israel became better midwives and had less painful periods, and I Moses was more kinder to our female allies. I had no desire to hurt a woman ever again because of that encounter. I have learned being a woman is very important and the woman hood should never be degraded. We also learned the proper way to celebrate the birth of a young  baby girl, we sacrificed female lambs for girls and instead circumcision we anointed them with oil prayers and praises of how beautiful they were.


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