Our birth rights.

Love of the Goddess:

Our birth rights.

By Lakira Mitchum  


They say that love is complicated

But, really it’s quite simple

We are the ones that complicated love

With our fears.

We create our own doubt

Our own fears our own

Wasteful thoughts, can suffocate us into sadness.


We were born with love in our hearts

We were meant to have courage

We were meant to seek kindness.

We naturally identify mercy and compassion.

We should not forget this right.

Love is, and was who we are.

Love is Heaven and, its citizens heaven seek love;

We can live in heaven everyday, if we remember to love.


We just had to reach deep

in our souls and remember

What is love, it’s who we are

Who our God and Goddess is.


Love is forever it’s eternal

We just have to remember.

We have the right to love, and be loved.


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