By,Lakira Sharice Mitchum

Eyes are windows to the human soul

They whisper the truth

when we aren’t bold enough

To scream it out loud.

They tell stories that are mysterious

they illustrate the very  being of us to those that do not know us.


Eyes are a gateway to someone’s heart

It brightens the image that we look for

In others.

It clarifies what we perceive as a

page in someone’s book.

A glimpse of a chapter in their life


Our eyes say many things

They tell others when we are broken,

Happy, and even strong.

The human spirit sings through

Our eyes. Love can be captured

And hate can be harvested through

One’s eyes.


In some way our eyes resemble

The heart of God,universal creator; the first intelegence

its  strangely connected to heaven.The human

eye can tell us a thousand

Things it can even define who we are.

Our identity, our DNA, our emotions,

our humanity,our personality

Can be seen in one’s eyes.  


Our eyes are just a small photograph of the galaxies of our universe

We call home.

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