Angel’s homesickness series part 1


The story Samuel Papua( the three horned man)

Angel homesickness series part 1


The three horned man that guards Hades, he sings to the king that sits on the throne

And does many duties but his  most important one he does with every part of his being is guard the gates of Hell from wandering spirits and strange witchcraft. His name is Samuel Papua he   stands 11 feet tall and carries a staff he speaks in rhymes and requests codes that only Angels and, Demons that work for the king and queen knows.He is blind by choice and has very clever hearing abilities, he cherishes his time in Heaven but, when he guards in the underworld he remembers his family in heaven, He smiles when he feels comfort because really ,he too is homesick, he doesn’t know what it’s like to be human but, his emotions sometimes he can relate to them.His eyes glow many colors when God speaks to him and, his body becomes new when the goddess speak to him.He is actually handsome but, he chooses to wear a mask that can intimidate the human soul. He lives alone on the Sabbath, but on the weekdays he speaks to his brothers.His skin is dark and his arms are strong, and he sings eerie songs at the gates of hell,

He is only friendly to those that deserve it, he has compassion when it is necessary but, he also has remorse for those that fail him.

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