Homer’s Heavenly Story:Angel journal

Born on  Earth as Homer

By,Lakira Mitchum


“I literally wrote everything he said, and we didn’t get far”

As told by Diamus

The fights of Olympus

The shining light of my wings blind me  from seeing everything I will try to imply as much as of my story as I can; My name is Diamus and I am the great story teller of the adventures of warriors , I keep track of all accounts concerning the battles beyond these earthly times.

I stand 400 hundred feet tall and I am the only Angel created in my image, I have no wife or children, and I can barely see the screen,  I am sorry Lakira I will keep going now, I keep all of my stories in my little notebook I have here on my side I have to find it hold on.

Speaking in my native language I wrote the story of Coretta : He was large man like child that lived in the lower regions of Heaven call Vihcitta  He had many friends and was very fond of the Cinderella story so he made many references to slave girls from the country lands of Egypt. He made his own weapons and these were the days before Thor was born. The goddess was pleased with him and gave him many gifts from her armory and chambers.He was very clever and well a bit unorthodox he often hopped on one foot to seem funny, I wasn’t to sure what that was about but, overall he was a great person.

His favorite sport was the gladiator competitions in the great mountains of heaven where men and women would fight Bulls and oxen and other scary and strange creatures from above, and one strange day he ended up fighting the great Cratoes or, if you would like to call him Aires, the fallen God of war, you should learn more about him and take a break for now now;


to be continued:


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