Micheal the Angel:Journal entry

Micheal the Angel

My vacation time & getting to know Jesus


Journal Entry

My interest in heavenly affairs has sent me in into a new realm of my personality, it’s actually a phase of worship I have been experiencing for the longest;when I am not at war I am typically making art. I have been enjoying the new regions parks and attractions and I have met many new friends and family members, my brother Gabriel had just told me he has finished his a new project on the centrals area of the gates of heaven, and he was not sure how to spend his free time. So I told him to go swimming with his friends, every since I have gotten to know Jesus I have met a new standard for friendship, he is a very peaceful man and he often makes many jokes about his children and wife he loves his family and I am grateful to have him as a role model. He found anew justice and that is actually learning about the Goddess herself he is very wise beautiful and intelligent he is quite infatuated by her intellect hopefully he will reveal more of his true feelings towards her.He is really into building light fixtures right now ,something similar to wooden chandeliers, and hanging lights, his house is made of wood and tree bark and he enjoys surfing, cooking and laughing at his own jokes uncontrollably. He is still a carpenter and he likes to stare at the sunset and dance like wild man in the dark , I have to admit I am actually enjoying my vacation and I hope to see my new bride soon.


Lakira for writing my Journal and, I love you




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