Chris Brown’s Love Life&Fatherhood

“Her childhood is what you make it to be,His smile makes your heart happy.You usually have no idea why.A childhood is a garden,a flower that must be nourished.When his seed is planted into the mother earth She is blessed to see the hearts bloom.”-Lakira Mitchum

By,Lakira Mitchum

“Damn she ruins almost every night”  Chris mumbled under his breath to himself, with all her dumbass phone calls and shit, stupid ass hoe fuck wrong wit her, wait shit but, I think I love her well I think I want to get her pregnant. Shit….  Chris’s thoughts were scrambled between his career and his love life he was pretty frustrated with himself for catching feelings, as he began to roll his blunt, these bitches might get jealous and Rihanna ruins everything man.That bitch eats babies, fuckin babies man!!!! He cried in his room; it was three in the morning and she was trying to apologize but,he just hit he in the face one good time. He knew somewhere in his heart she deserved to die he hated her more than anything in this world.she was repulsive in his eyes and all he wanted was freedom from her but, the press and their agents wanted them to date.

Chris Brown Visits BET's "106 & Park"
<> at BET Studios on April 1, 2013 in New York City.

He felt like a sex slave at some point he was somewhat dehumanized and sexually degraded, they wanted him to be a man whore, they told him they would ruin his career if he didn’t have more than 100 partners by next month, “well shit…they tryna kill a nigga” he hated , his job at that point and they wanted him to canonize sex to the point where he did not  understand why people had sex in the first place.He wanted to make his mother proud, he wanted a wife a family but, these monsters, these inhumane cannibals they took something from him. Royalty she somehow brought it back that was his dignity, love, self respect , and empathy, someone loved him and it was his new family his constant opulence, he feels grounded and accepted.

When she told him she was pregnant, he was shock, he was actually more giddy than she was, which made her feel so much gratification at the sound of his squeal.She was actually afraid to tell him for about three weeks, her jealous friend wanted her to dump him, she was persistent, she was in love with Chris and him only,”girl shut the fuck up” she cussed out her only home girl out, I’m happy and you mad cus you ain’t,! “Bitch bye!”.Her friend tried to sabotage everything, she lied and lied until, Chris had to confront her, the best he could.Love isn’t easy for most of us and some of us run from it;Chris has ambition to make it work, and really it doesn’t take much.Brown.jpg

“He thinks he’s hard to love because of his past but, she thinks he is so easy to love after all, she is the mother of his child.”


The birth of Royalty: The doctor was nervous, OH my God i’m delivering a celebrity’s baby, she kept stuttering while talking to them.She was so beautiful, and he knew she was precious to him,he thanks the Goddess everyday for Royalty.She is so remarkable to him, he laugh, her little hiccups and gross spit ups was all just apart of his world. She was his new beginning his, blissful genesis, fatherhood,Tom Hiddleson smile and he received the phone call “eh mothafucka its a fucking girl man!!!” Tom, gasped with a smile , oh congratulations , he felt a hint of extreme joy and jealousy; “I’m so happy for you Chris, this is wonderful we should get together sometime” he said, over the phone he grinned, Tom loved that Chris actually called him while he was in the middle of thinking about an Egg donor he wanted to be a father so badly, he didn’t care if he was single or not, Tom doesn’t want to give up on love.

Royalty’s birth was the greatest day of his life.



“Thank you so much for writing Lakira I really appreciate it”- Chris Brown



Dear,Fat girls, Keep being happy.


“There’s one blessing only, the source and cornerstone of beatitude — confidence in self” – Seneca the Younger

By,Lakira Mitchum

I was meant to bring the Bang, bang I guess. I tend to joke at myself about my thighs, as I look in the mirror naked I can’t help but, to notice my wide hips;I was once shamed for being the chubby in elementary school, it seems that body fat has given me something to fall back on. Come on guys,let me be fat and love myself is it wrong to actually do that? Am I really as fat as, I think or is it society that tells me I’m miss piggy. I remember my sister telling me she saw  nothing but, legs and thighs and I saw nothing but health and a strange glow that screamed,” hug me”. There is something sacred about my body and I think it’s beautiful don’t tell me to loose weight I will just give you a sinister glare of disapproval.d148b6eaeb66546bdfa45cd50400c7f8

Call me a narcissist but, I love my body!Self confidence is so particular and powerful in the bedroom on the street as well as in the office, let’s admit it we are meant to have curves.We are meant to be healthy and happy  but, never meant to starve, that’s crazy talk but, let’s go over the numbers and do some research shall we?Anorexia! Oh my God it’s hard to believe women and men are literally killing themselves over weight loss,Body fat is a natural thing to have, and we need it so well, in case we force to survive without food those lipid fat cells will begin to burn for us, helping survive with nutrients we have left over. Human are little  like camels need to store our goodies for latter to help us prosper especially in heat.There is healthy and bad fat well I’m pretty sure you can tell which one matter the most,healthy fat can become muscle and bad fat well is just fat tissue that weighs us down.Fat is wonderful really and if you are looking for fertility, and actually nice births fat is your friend, babies love fat! So don’t feel guilty if you eat like a horse during your pregnancy it’s a gift from the Goddess.Women that are Anorexic are more likely to have terrible pregnancies and less fertility rate, not only that but they are more likely to feel anxious insecure and ugly even with a bikini on those ribs are not cute at all.a83097c44e930ebbcc88347c977725d7

I think women that naturally skinny are beautiful if you want my opinion, but being obsessed but ,keeping that image can become stressful for anyone, our bodies were meant to change and scientifically woman were meant to have more body fat, and physiologically women  with a normal body fat are actually more likely to be more happy and have a better sex life as well.Anorexic models,well as I talk about this subject I do not was to seem cruel at all but reasonable about this issue.The modern  modeling industry seems to dehumanize women so much to the point even teenage that 90 pounds are calling themselves fat, honestly it extremely stupid and demeaning.There are an estimate of 200,000 diagnosed a year in the united  states and counting, we are a bless country with food and mostly clean water why the hell is this happening, are we just wasting food that a starving human could enjoy.



Encouraging anorexia is extremely sadistic and I have to say if hollywood actresses and models don’t see it by now God help them! this is an serious issue.Anorexia nervosa is a disorder that has the worst, and highest death rate in the world out of all disorders, and the typical age is from 15 to 24 years of age.All of this weight loss obsession is overwhelming what happened to encouraging women to love themselves and men as well.There are more people dying from Anorexia than obesity which is surprising to me and this is actually all caused by distorted body image this disorder can be treated with several things;  cognitive behavioral therapy being one of them, medications such as prescribed by an physician Olanzapine, which supports mental state of being, as well as referrals to nutritionists.


The power of plus size modeling: I do not enjoy calling it plus size modeling I prefer healthy modeling, other than obese models which is no better that anorexia but big girls need clothes to, so hey!I am going to brag about how sexy these women are, they are beautiful and confident   and they get hell from judgmental insecure pricks all the time.These women inspire me, I get called fat by my anorexic enemies ,I rarely get sick, I have better sex and well to admit I actually just have large bones meaning I have to eat more.I have to say body differences are wonderful! Believe it or men do complain about the bony factor of hitting the surface of a woman’s rectum repeatedly during sex, causing penile pain. I support curvy, healthy sexy women and I think everyone deserve to be healthy and happy, and the world should know boundaries as to what is beauty, beauty is self sustaining stress free confidence.aae3b783cf840caaeeb8862102614ad2.jpg

Wonderful quotes to remember:

“You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.”

Amy Bloom

“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetic ally herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.”

Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience


“Confidence is key,If I gave in to every stupid insult they threw at me I’d be brain dead.”-Lakira Mitchum

Information resources:

A Perfect 14 | Documentary Film About Plus-Size Models


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It’s Been Rough:Robert Downey Jr.



“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful” – Albert Schweitzer

It’s been rough :

By,Lakira Mitchum

Robert Downey Jr.

The look on his face was priceless , “oh shit my car keys!, where the hell…l Oh my God Holy shit” it turned out they were in his hand, oh wow, that  meant he had an, issue a serious problem “Oh gosh I hate my life” he sighed in relief as he walked into the parking lot of a burger king. I watched from afar in heaven and thought he was darling, it’s going to be okay Robert. I whispered to him in a small breeze, he flinched; and looked up, “Oh God I’m hearing things toRobert-Downey-Jr..jpg

Shit I’m crazy man” He frowned holding back his tears.I had no idea she was pregnant, oh God ,why? She is so stupid , I killed a child , why? Did she let me have sex with her, He prayed and prayed that night until I grabbed his heart and said, enough is enough  Go Robert! Go!”I’m ready!” he said, as he walked into the clinic, “I’m so ready man!” he thought to himself, “oh yeah,” the nurses were rude and the psychiatrist really just wanted sex and money from him, she even ask for drugs,and he delivered well but, that’s not the Robert he wanted to be.He wanted to be genuine he wanted to be kind and clever but, the press the public the ass holes they wanted to objectify him.He wanted a midwife and a child to call him papa, and eat soggy cereal on Saturdays while watching weird new age bugs bunny cuss backwards on television, yep fatherhood is what’s up.robert-downey-jr-mugshot

He loved a hooker once and didn’t know she was a hooker but, now everything feels like a dream, i’m happy , “he’s happy? With me?” she says as he purposes to her and this time he knows she’s not a hooker .What makes it funny was  he never thought he would live long enough to make it to 35 years of age.So here he is at  award ceremonies and Oscars smiling at cameras he never thought he would see. “oh lucky me I really am iron man” the angels did smile upon him these days are better for him.He barried himself in porn magazines and still he missed being that sadistic man whore the ladies liked, but every time he tried he cried “oh God Mary, what the fuck am I doing?” he wasn’t catholic either he realized his heart has changed. His family and friends actually call him now. His mom kisses his barley face “oh my baby boy is so handsome.” he smiles on the inside because, he knows all the fame and fortune isn’t why he works every day. It’s Wonderful to say, his life has more meaning to it.He was homesick all this time looking for purpose and trying to solve his own problems.  He is  beginning  to realize that maybe heaven really is and was his home  but,for now he has a lot more work to do on earth he has a world to change and save people to help and children to raiseMaybe he really is Iron man.99007fd702af647f275ba03e3f1d9d25


“Life is the flower for which love is the honey.” Intelligence is the wife, imagination is the mistress, memory is the servant” – Victor Hugo





“it’s a new beginning a new time a new chance and opportunity to live a new life but, all the same gases relating to new dust and new planets.In other words, just because a soul has become old does not mean your life is over.Their is more to life than what meets the eye.We often find contentment with seeking out our own destiny but, sometimes its good to not know when our super nova will come, when we die, we have to be at peace with ourselves and just shine no matter how dim our light may become.In other words live laugh, and love until you die not matter how old you are don’t forget to shine.”-Lakira Mitchum



My journey to love:Homesickness


“Love is not about who you live with. It’s about who you can’t live without”- anonymous 

My journey to love:

By Lakira Mitchum

Lovers come and Go, my love life feels like a nightmare my heart is a vitamin that’s been crushed swallowed over and over again,I fell in love with sinners, I was kidnapped by satanists.

I was torn by hate full mockers and scornful enemies. “now where am I”? He’s a prince, more than a diamond or a jewel , and I fear my baggage is so heavy I may sometimes forget I’m from heaven.He’s strong and noble graceful and handsome I’m grasping my little charm around my neck and wondering if I should give it him.The fake I love you’s can destroy even a girl like me,

And it makes me wonder, it makes me wonder how long, must I wait for him.I never wanted to be the damsel in distress but, I am.He’s is so heroic and I’m so simple, I can’t even speak to him without conjuring a smile.I have the desire to bare and naked for him and I want to make him my all.I’m afraid in some way, he’s dangerous and I am nimble now, God has placed his eyes on me and the Goddess has placed her heart on mine and now I’m swinging, and converging, growing and transforming and wanting to be in his arms.The dragon blows his smoke on me and I become blind with sadness , where is my lover Why can’t he come sooner, why am I so lame to run to him? Where is my lover so he can teach me new ways.reincarnation is painful and heart break and rape is terrible so save me sweet saint and be mine.

Men are not my weakness, love is.

The Afterlife; writing My dreams

By,Lakira Mitchum

Prologue:More about Me

Smoking an old pipe, I look super cynical I type fast and make errors quickly so please keep up,I’m becoming more informal and before I begin my next writing I will talk about myself I hate talking about myself really, It’s just really boring you know, I do it in some way mysteriously.

“It is marvelous indeed to watch on television the rings of Saturn close; and to speculate on what we may yet find at galaxy’s edge. But in the process, we have lost the human element; not to mention the high hope of those quaint days when flight would create one world. Instead of one world, we have star wars, and a future in which dumb dented human toys will drift mindlessly about the cosmos long after our small planet’s dead” – Gore Vidal



What are mere mortals able to say about the greater regions of this universe although  all humans are portals into the heavens and hells of this universe they do not know what they are capable of.We are all sitting in the Nebula of his large thoughts, We seek intelligence but, we are intelligence our DNA is just spin of creation, we are evolving into something new, we are not at our final state we are constantly changing, some human souls have lives for billions of years, some for less times.We are lively, we are moving in the thoughts and minds of different versions of one God, they are one, and our lives are influences of everything around us.

The strangeness of reincarnation puzzles me, it melts something inside of me I can tell you one thing anyone that uses my dark skin as a reason to consult my thoughts is extremely useless to my existence.I have been burned,I have been a gladiator ,I have seen lions devour saints, many lives are in my dreams and well there is not much I can do about it ;so what I will do is write about it.cb5b54393f6041131e2aade7a4bd7ee6.jpg


Year 1706


“You color the universe , you stimulate my heart you pour hope into the thirsty world, stars collapse at the grip of your hand and Angels are at your side.”

The story of a dead man-

There I was before an golden throne, shining with fluorescent,I heard a voice in the distance,Then I woke up amongst many lost souls.They were making their way to a resting place.I wandered through hades, I moaned with the dead.I moaned prayers, the souls traveled in groups I met a man in all black he seemed broken in every way he told me where to go. It was the stairway to heaven.There was an countless number of steps leading to higher ground away from hades. Almost any place is better than here it was gloomy and mystified with filth and sadness,I was able to hear the screams of hell from a distance, I was afraid for my life , and every being of my body was hurting in fear.I took note of every face every voice  and did not slumber at all.

   What are mere mortals able to say about the greater regions of this universe although all humans are portals into the heavens and hell’s of this universe they do not know what they are capable of.We are all sitting in the Nebula of his large thoughts, We seek intelligence but, we are intelligence our DNA is just spin of creation, we are evolving into something new, we are not at our final state we are constantly changing, some human souls have lives for billions of years, some for less times.We are lively, we are moving in the thoughts and minds of different versions of one God, they are one, and our lives are influences of everything around us.


The Butterfly effect:

It’s all planned, all that happens is relevant to what the universe does, we were all meant to exist nothing  is accidental.The living proof is in the times repeating itself.We ripple what happened next with action, We create elements and chemicals with thoughts we don’t realize we breath the creators ideas.We are waiting to see;to unite with ultimate  omnipresent cosmos.Our home sickness brings us there.

And if the planet could speak she  would tell you where she came from. If the planet could speak she  would tell you where she came from.We have many ideas many conscious occurrences many fears and doubts but, we must remember our surroundings are is our  foster home.Mother Earth is an spirit she sleeps and whispers in the wind mighty calm words.




Our universal Time lapses:


Time lapse:what I mean by time lapses, reality and things seemed to have changed, and things that were already set into stone seems different than it was before, do you ever wonder if God goes back in time to change reality and he actually allows us to remember what changed, just so you will be grateful for what he went back to adjust.Most of the time when this takes place we don’t remember what changed  but, here is proof. For example Mary Poppins, no one renewed the movie but have you noticed chim chimney no longer exist? Think about it Disney seems to be a little different and I’m here  to  tell you are not crazy there was a time lapse. Someone important has time traveled  to and one small change created an huge butterfly effect.




The love life of: Tom Hiddleson

“Eyes are windows to the human soul They whisper the truth when we aren’t bold To scream it out loud.Eyes are a gateway to someone’s heart It brightens the image that we look for In others.It clarifies what we perceive as a page in someone’s book.A glimpse of a chapter in their life”-Lakira Mitchum 


Mr.perfect :Tom Hiddleson

Article By, Lakira Mitchum

Let’s talk about an random celebrity one that we as the public  we see as a messiah, or some strange sign from God as a prime example of men, and then stop for a second and really ask ourselves “wait, what really makes us see them as perfect”? He’s handsome, shy and yet he seems happy and always grateful but, do we really know?The late night calls, the overwhelmingly sad good byes from friends, deceased family  members and women he once loved.It’s strange I know him in some way but, he’s this sentimental creature,a gentleman that cusses  in private or alone  in his room waiting for some brod to  call him back,”Damnit , she’s so selfish,”he mumbles after taking a huge sip of vodka,he smashes the glass and blood gushes from his hand “Fuck Anabel I hate her! “He yells it seems he’s hoping an angel is listening to him he thinks back and observes how beautiful she was and becomes disgusted and remembers how she was so dumb and ignorant,Wait what am I crying for? “Damnit, Tom get it together” he says to himself it’s obvious he tries to stay strong  his eyes begin to leak something we call a tear,we all make them.Waiting in a coffee shop  for Adele, she’s three hours late and she won’t pick up her phone, the third call around she answered after the fourth ring, “hello, oh shit, you’re still waiting for me, she seems a bit tipsy, God this is awfully dreadfully, I just remembered I hated our last conversation, so never mind I’m not coming, Tom you’re so naive,Her hideous unemphatic voice echoes in his ears, it’s like a gunshot that went through his heart.1380092_614014625308993_1212738395_n

That soggy joy pill is beginning to taste pretty bad right now, that pill was called counterfeit love, or lust, “Fat bitch can’t keep a man anyways”he, mumbled as he got up to leave. Tom is a beautiful person, he loves people but, he hates  cannibals like the ones that ate at his heart away like they were starving like how Emma ate his heart that rainy night, she wasn’t wearing panties and, she was so late to her meeting with her agent and she wandered with Tom all night, that night ,drunk and dreadfully disrespectful but ,she loved making Tom miserable because,for some evil reason she thinks selfishness is sexy. She is just as mean as Daniel told him, “Sooooooo she was a waste of time,and her breath was God awful” Tom recalled, while thinking about how much he hated her, he prayed for a way to find peace from all the heartbreak he faced.

Tom decided he was destined to dispose his old ways,in some way he is recreating himself, it’s a powerful journey, “I’m completely letting of her go and all of this” Tom yells, as he climbs a mountain in Japan , he begins to feel himself float into some sort of blissful harmony with himself.”I’m happy Oh, My God I’m so Happy” he begins to think to himself, I’ve never felt like this before it’s like a rush of fire in his heart that burned and he never embraced how amazing he was until now.He spent hundreds on flowers, jewelry, dresses and even, a wedding ring, just to realized she wasn’t the one but, when was it the first  time a woman rubbed his feet, his ugly bloody feet, shoot I would,I guess I just love his smile.Let’s be honest I know him pretty well, somehow. His childhood memories are cute, his voice is charming, his opinions are thoughtful, he hates assumptions and loves cheese , which is wonderful , simple, I just love showing the world that men do deserve the best the same way we women do, if we act as if we deserve it to.6fd2f4e68f4e534b675a6d4d081656e5

So here I am some lame brod ,from Gainesville writing about this blue eyed man, Tom he has many complexities, many emotional injuries but trust me he’s human for the most part. Tom Hiddleston has so much empathy , and compassion only a  unpropitious monster,a disgusting slut and emotional leech would ever harm someone as wonderful as him.No I don’t have some dumb celebrity crush, he’s not some object or show to me, he’s like me, he matters, He get’s hurt badly. Women can be abusive , women can be rapist , women can be pigs, women can be selfish, filthy hogs in a pin waiting for slop.Overall I can say I love you Tom, my beloved Tommy tom,you are so lovable, it’s not money and fame it’s who you are, be wonderful, be you and always learn from your experiences.

Anthony Misano’s Joker: Gallery Part2

This guys is an lovely cos player as  well as actor that gets all the booty… J.k

shout out to this handsome Devil cos playing as my favorite character From D.C comics

The Joker. Please Enjoy!




Anthony Misano as the Joker







Raven and Beast the Boy

The Real Origin Of The Joker part 1



Why am I a Joker fan?


I have my own theories, believe it or not i’m a  comic book fan D.C to be exact yeah ,Marvel is cool to but, let’s move on shall we! I have a theory to purpose about my beloved Joker, he is the cackling prince of Gotham , the funky funny  fashionista of D.C comics and he gets all the babes and bunnies, never mind anyways, what if I told you the joker was a hypnotized secret soldier and Harley Quinn was a government official that brainwashed him into believing he was an deranged clown would you believe me?well you should fools.My theory is relevant because it just makes sense why the hell have they not executed him yet, after killing thousands of people and commissioner Gordan always goes easy on him for some reason. The joker works for the Illuminati and “Goatham” (haha Bahfamet reference) ,was to be some sort of cursed city that was meant to be destroyed into chaos as a sacrifice to a weird God. So let’s begin; Jerome Velenski is his real name , he began his life as an Russian spy and was captured by  the U.S government after getting caught killing a woman named Rosetta Stone, the Government showed Russia the joke was on them by turning him into an clown reject from Haly’s circus  hence the Joker was born! That makes more sense than that killing joke crap,No power plant or anything like that!The Joker, becomes a serial killer/ double agent for an secret society called  AMC corp.

Meanwhile he is also hired by Batman(Bruce Wayne) to kill Jason Todd for being a nuisance to society as well as an spy for terrorist, he was hired to hurt Barbara Gordon for almost revealing her father’s secret as an double agent, the Joker is all around bad ass, he pretty much at the top of career became an independent assassin, He was also hired to kill Talia, wonder woman, Superman’s evil clone, and wonder girl, and the Joker actually has super strength because he is given steroids in Arkham. Not only that but I’m pretty sure he pimped out cat woman to his goons as well as Batman, he also pimped out Harley Quinn when he finally figured out how  to avoid being brainwashed again. Not only that but, he also has  clones that are actually evil,he actually has or had several clones; and the one that got his face cut off was one of them. He has three obvious clones one has green eyes and actually green hair, and the other two both have black hair that is dyed monthly they specialize in bombing buildings, while the other specializes in cutting up people and disposing bodies.Batman and Jerome are actually best friends and military buddies, and Furthermore is also a veteran that worked his way up he was also injected with youth medication that kept him young after the Vietnam war as well as world war one and two.

The nemesis thing is just an act, that’s why Batman saved his life so many times instead of saving humanity by letting him die. Gotham is pretty much the  exile  city of America for criminals.