The Light Between The Trees

The light between the trees

By,Lakira Mitchum

Love sickness series part 2


The breeze that whispers his name to me,

The deer that pants that she has only seen on T.V

Is only a blissful memory, that really love just kills me.


The smell of the morning due, the laugh of a cooing child

Is only something we remembered, something she dreamed of.

Our love is connected to the light between the trees.

I see him smile in my dreams, I hear his voice in my pulse.

We are one, but my only memory is reminded in the distant melodies

We sung together.


The timid scurry of a mouse, is so loud in the ears of a princess.

His love for her was only a Gospel, it was only in movies

Only on Television, it was seen in the light between the trees.

His smile was unforgettable, his voice was blooming with charm.


She only dreamed of him, and glanced at him in magazines

And never remembered how important to him she was.

She was his light between the trees.

It seemed  beautiful, yet a forgotten pleasure

A lost treasure, that with a glimpse no, photograph could replace.

A moment in time, a history book, a documentary was all she had

And the chance to go outside and see the light between the trees.


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