If You Don’t know,What I’m About.


My name is Lakira, I do not identify myself as an average person; I am a lover of all things art! This blog will consist of not only ridiculous writing but my PDE (public Display of Expression),  some of my writing will be poetic; as well as fictional, or even just posting my thoughts; this is pretty random! but most of all I am not doing this to impress the public this is more about me becoming fearless when it comes down to being myself and letting my imagination run free.

I found many fascinations, and I view God differently than most people.I believe In the Holy spirit  , but believe it or not I am Pagan in some way.There is more to life than what meets the eye.and Yahweh,Yeshua,Jesus is deeper than we know, so Grab a comfy pillow and some juice You have a lot of reading to do! journey with me!  Be offended, fall in love, hate my work, or love it but, most of all feel something because I enjoy to digging deep into the human soul.

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