It’s Been Rough:Robert Downey Jr.



“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful” – Albert Schweitzer

It’s been rough :

By,Lakira Mitchum

Robert Downey Jr.

The look on his face was priceless , “oh shit my car keys!, where the hell…l Oh my God Holy shit” it turned out they were in his hand, oh wow, that  meant he had an, issue a serious problem “Oh gosh I hate my life” he sighed in relief as he walked into the parking lot of a burger king. I watched from afar in heaven and thought he was darling, it’s going to be okay Robert. I whispered to him in a small breeze, he flinched; and looked up, “Oh God I’m hearing things toRobert-Downey-Jr..jpg

Shit I’m crazy man” He frowned holding back his tears.I had no idea she was pregnant, oh God ,why? She is so stupid , I killed a child , why? Did she let me have sex with her, He prayed and prayed that night until I grabbed his heart and said, enough is enough  Go Robert! Go!”I’m ready!” he said, as he walked into the clinic, “I’m so ready man!” he thought to himself, “oh yeah,” the nurses were rude and the psychiatrist really just wanted sex and money from him, she even ask for drugs,and he delivered well but, that’s not the Robert he wanted to be.He wanted to be genuine he wanted to be kind and clever but, the press the public the ass holes they wanted to objectify him.He wanted a midwife and a child to call him papa, and eat soggy cereal on Saturdays while watching weird new age bugs bunny cuss backwards on television, yep fatherhood is what’s up.robert-downey-jr-mugshot

He loved a hooker once and didn’t know she was a hooker but, now everything feels like a dream, i’m happy , “he’s happy? With me?” she says as he purposes to her and this time he knows she’s not a hooker .What makes it funny was  he never thought he would live long enough to make it to 35 years of age.So here he is at  award ceremonies and Oscars smiling at cameras he never thought he would see. “oh lucky me I really am iron man” the angels did smile upon him these days are better for him.He barried himself in porn magazines and still he missed being that sadistic man whore the ladies liked, but every time he tried he cried “oh God Mary, what the fuck am I doing?” he wasn’t catholic either he realized his heart has changed. His family and friends actually call him now. His mom kisses his barley face “oh my baby boy is so handsome.” he smiles on the inside because, he knows all the fame and fortune isn’t why he works every day. It’s Wonderful to say, his life has more meaning to it.He was homesick all this time looking for purpose and trying to solve his own problems.  He is  beginning  to realize that maybe heaven really is and was his home  but,for now he has a lot more work to do on earth he has a world to change and save people to help and children to raiseMaybe he really is Iron man.99007fd702af647f275ba03e3f1d9d25


“Life is the flower for which love is the honey.” Intelligence is the wife, imagination is the mistress, memory is the servant” – Victor Hugo





“it’s a new beginning a new time a new chance and opportunity to live a new life but, all the same gases relating to new dust and new planets.In other words, just because a soul has become old does not mean your life is over.Their is more to life than what meets the eye.We often find contentment with seeking out our own destiny but, sometimes its good to not know when our super nova will come, when we die, we have to be at peace with ourselves and just shine no matter how dim our light may become.In other words live laugh, and love until you die not matter how old you are don’t forget to shine.”-Lakira Mitchum



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