Chris Brown’s Love Life&Fatherhood

“Her childhood is what you make it to be,His smile makes your heart happy.You usually have no idea why.A childhood is a garden,a flower that must be nourished.When his seed is planted into the mother earth She is blessed to see the hearts bloom.”-Lakira Mitchum

By,Lakira Mitchum

“Damn she ruins almost every night”  Chris mumbled under his breath to himself, with all her dumbass phone calls and shit, stupid ass hoe fuck wrong wit her, wait shit but, I think I love her well I think I want to get her pregnant. Shit….  Chris’s thoughts were scrambled between his career and his love life he was pretty frustrated with himself for catching feelings, as he began to roll his blunt, these bitches might get jealous and Rihanna ruins everything man.That bitch eats babies, fuckin babies man!!!! He cried in his room; it was three in the morning and she was trying to apologize but,he just hit he in the face one good time. He knew somewhere in his heart she deserved to die he hated her more than anything in this world.she was repulsive in his eyes and all he wanted was freedom from her but, the press and their agents wanted them to date.

Chris Brown Visits BET's "106 & Park"
<> at BET Studios on April 1, 2013 in New York City.

He felt like a sex slave at some point he was somewhat dehumanized and sexually degraded, they wanted him to be a man whore, they told him they would ruin his career if he didn’t have more than 100 partners by next month, “well shit…they tryna kill a nigga” he hated , his job at that point and they wanted him to canonize sex to the point where he did not  understand why people had sex in the first place.He wanted to make his mother proud, he wanted a wife a family but, these monsters, these inhumane cannibals they took something from him. Royalty she somehow brought it back that was his dignity, love, self respect , and empathy, someone loved him and it was his new family his constant opulence, he feels grounded and accepted.

When she told him she was pregnant, he was shock, he was actually more giddy than she was, which made her feel so much gratification at the sound of his squeal.She was actually afraid to tell him for about three weeks, her jealous friend wanted her to dump him, she was persistent, she was in love with Chris and him only,”girl shut the fuck up” she cussed out her only home girl out, I’m happy and you mad cus you ain’t,! “Bitch bye!”.Her friend tried to sabotage everything, she lied and lied until, Chris had to confront her, the best he could.Love isn’t easy for most of us and some of us run from it;Chris has ambition to make it work, and really it doesn’t take much.Brown.jpg

“He thinks he’s hard to love because of his past but, she thinks he is so easy to love after all, she is the mother of his child.”


The birth of Royalty: The doctor was nervous, OH my God i’m delivering a celebrity’s baby, she kept stuttering while talking to them.She was so beautiful, and he knew she was precious to him,he thanks the Goddess everyday for Royalty.She is so remarkable to him, he laugh, her little hiccups and gross spit ups was all just apart of his world. She was his new beginning his, blissful genesis, fatherhood,Tom Hiddleson smile and he received the phone call “eh mothafucka its a fucking girl man!!!” Tom, gasped with a smile , oh congratulations , he felt a hint of extreme joy and jealousy; “I’m so happy for you Chris, this is wonderful we should get together sometime” he said, over the phone he grinned, Tom loved that Chris actually called him while he was in the middle of thinking about an Egg donor he wanted to be a father so badly, he didn’t care if he was single or not, Tom doesn’t want to give up on love.

Royalty’s birth was the greatest day of his life.



“Thank you so much for writing Lakira I really appreciate it”- Chris Brown



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