Burritos And Cheap Conversation

“At the center of your being
you have the answer;
you know who you are
and you know what you want.”
Lao Tzu

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”

By, Lakira Mitchum; featuring Brianna Anderson

We had some good and interesting company and some quality local food burritos with the ego of an 17 year old boy shifting inside of me, I had an sudden rush of stories.I was a little tipsy I must admit and the margaritas was super heavy strong ; it was like mostly tequila and very little mix, I requested  lemonade to compliment it more, I really wanted to remain sober(they were not margaritas but,on the menu they were).I can really say I don’t know how my communication skills are, but I was really trying to entertain Brianna in some way.Brianna is about my age she is extremely independent and particular about her wants and needs, I was a bit loud and my our waiter was super awkwardly unconcerned yet useful.My way of communicating made me realize I’m a bit autistic I shared stupid stories and she shared her opinions, her concerns and this made me see maybe I am very easy going,loud annoying, uhhh weird I did not mind the long wait for the waiter, or atmosphere it was pretty tender. I was extremely invested in just splattering my mind everywhere I’m like a talking  Picasso and my conversations were just bright and colorful and random at the most, hard to interpret with the hint of a bitter ADHD conversation. Brianna and I started our girls day out pretty well, we were optimistic and we both  typically had  feminine concerns and hobbies about makeup,shopping and travel.I always felt a dash of innocent ecstasy around Bri she is not perfect she stares at her flaws a lot but, she was someone that has a lot going for her, and me well I have a different way of approaching life, I’m a bit spontaneous and occasionally malicious and cheesy.I love commentary and making fun of dumb things like creepy Mahicans at old retro thrift stores.I’m learning about myself and life like, why  the hell do people love me ,or hate me or just ignore me, and just do weird things to me, and well this experience and recording taught me, I’m super zany and I did actually like making my friend laugh,their is more to see in me.I had a second of normality occasionally asking about her life and her family but really it was fun and I may do this thing again.



5 thoughts on “Burritos And Cheap Conversation

      1. If this is your reasoning, I do not think you understand what “autistic” means. You need to work on your own maturity if you are claiming a disorder you know nothing about- denial and uncertainty are human nature, not signs of a neurodevelopmental issue. One cannot be “a bit” autistic, as if it’s a mood.


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