The Weird Sexiness of Robert Downey Jr.

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part 2

Johnny be Good (1988)

What I love about Robert Downey Jr.!

I can’t explain the chaos and or comedy in this film exactly but, it seemed to have given Robert so much freedom to just flutter stupidity into his audiences eardrums.(Leo Wiggins) was the best friend that always kept Johnny smiling with his blunt and wonderful  commentary.I applaud Robert for every anxious squeal and awkward licking of butter knives  that tickled my fancy to the highest of feelings.Watching Mr. Downey’s performance is like drinking cold root beer on a Sunday morning while running naked in a field of butterflies it’s just that good. Jesus loves Robert Downy Jr. he’s a keeper in Hollywood.

Leo Wiggins  has several times revealed to “Johnny me, boy” that  he his not only suicidal but a possible homicidal maniac, which I guess to Johnny means he’s extremely trust worthy and aggressively kind.So I have noticed throughout the 80’s Robert tends to always play the role as the loyal boyfriend or the crazy best friend which is right up my alley.I love Robert’s zany characters, his dorky flashiness and his quick to wit ways of thinking that brings about his importance as the sort of  the “Horatio” of every plot thus far, he’s the back up, the block head , the double for your trouble.p (1).png

Well so far for this summer, focusing on this actor and his films did not disappoint me. Its been fun and, there is so much more to see!Observing all things I love about Robert Downey Jr. I suggest watching his older films as well as his new films.

much love you guys!

Happy Readings!








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