He that Loved A woman named Rain


By,Lakira Mitchum


He was standing in her graceful waves and he never knew someone so graceful ,so wonderful, so beautiful she was here with him for the first time.detached from the judgement of man and female, the world was a place they simply slept inside of, they were in their place, realm of hope and glee. He kept her in heart and listened to her sorrowful voice. Soaking her memories in his mind ,he was strong when she was weak, he was kind and she was angry, love made them one.


Rain, was a woman of strange necromancy  she was a gypsy soul, a woman that loved the sun and danced with the moon.They sung to the stars at night and never cursed the rain, they had many children and lived blameless lives of love and harmony.Rain, had an radiance about her, no creature man or planet could understand, or write in words she was the gentle spirit that carries him to a place of peace. Rain made the mother earth smile, she comforted the ashamed, the sad and lonely and lost.Rain is still alive and will live forever with in our lives,she was a child with a pure heart and a woman with a strong heart. Her eyes were shinning with a blissful lambency, a persistent reasoning desire for compassion.  Rain was made from a mother’s tears, her birth was a vexatious experience.

But she is a gift to the earth.


If you were Lice.Fine Trash talk



To the distraught Ex- lovers

Crawling and slicing yourself down my skin and into my head, itching my mind like a disgusting rash,the bothersome truth, the repulsive lies that crawl from your mind are beyond me.The dishonest truth, the shameless sign of strange non realistic manhood is he only lust’s you, he hates you, he bites you on the lip on Friday nights and ask for more on Tuesday evenings. Ew, Ew their he goes starring at you, he smells like beer and bad agonizing sex, you gave him a chance.Lies are relevant to his own moral testimony, he sickens you, he is the utter stench of  bad taboo.Oh wow there he is , examining your breast like a bad fake boob job, he is the most finest man in the room, and you hate him, because you once loved him, now what ?

Love your Goddamn self.Cheat the evil stereotypes of love and lust, be modest or be picky which ever makes you feel better, be funny, be courageous. Don’t be a hit and run!Be smart.Lite that pipe, light your cigar, lite your blunt and cause the blood in his vein run quickly with self judgement.

Darling,  you’ll be fine.

My Fascination with Tom Hiddleston


“Peace begins with a smile..”
Mother Teresa

“Don’t Gain The World & Lose Your Soul, Wisdom Is Better Than Silver Or Gold.”
Bob Marley

“When I say it’s you I like, I’m talking about that part of you that knows that life is far more than anything you can ever see or hear or touch. That deep part of you that allows you to stand for those things without which humankind cannot survive. Love that conquers hate, peace that rises triumphant over war, and justice that proves more powerful than greed.”
Fred Rogers

The first impression

My fascination with Tom Hiddleston

part one:

By,Lakira Mitchum

It’s funny to say,I hate being a fan girl, a screaming squealing teenage girl with an odd infatuation. I’m 22 years old and single so give me a break, I am my own critic, so I decided to  write about this individual myself.  Mr.Thomas Hiddleston;it’s hard to believe he is isn’t married with children yet, and all these years he seems to have had this awesome journey of self discovery.I sometimes wonder if  he’s still asking himself “what to do? “what to do”?  His acting career has been as long as RDJ,or Johnny Depp but he has a strange charm on me although I’ve never met the guy.Its not just his acting or good looks , I did not care much for Loki or, Sir.Thomas Sharp I really do love his eyes but,more than anything I love his concern for humanity.I think He is someone to admire he puts his wealth to good use, and the entertainment industry employees can do wonders for the world’s social  issues as well the economic flow of the world market ,I believe the youth of the world should admire his actions. The wealthy as well as the middle class should follow his example and be supportive of what he does. The more he donates to UNICEF the better the world can become.Tom William Hiddleston is just a small bulb on the tree of life. Those communities should also have to be willing to help themselves.He is a man of power, and as a bachelor I often wonder if he has a hard time contemplating what to do with his wealth.Maybe he could become a CEO over an corporation focuses on helping the world’s health concerns and illness studies as well  or just continue with his own legacy of ending world hunger.I have no clue how long he plans on acting I hope to find out one day either way it goes,all of these thoughts I have I really could care less about his current love life but, really I want to see him happy maybe one day married to a nurse,or maybe a woman that is not famous celebrity woman,and I say this because, I think it would distract him from UNICEF, and from being a humanitarian.

My personal opinion of this man, really; honestly  I want to see him retire as an Doctor, a traveling Doctor; or a nurse employer. He has the potential to achieve almost anything as a woman that admires him deeply I would support him morally in my heart. Other than his career I want to  say, He is a charming idiosyncratic smiling American-British actor that is  extremely wonderful and tastefully  pulchritudinous in my eyes. Their is a small part of him I think that is actually mischievous.8ff621b169d35834e07ec2d3058aa83aSo maybe years from now I may not be so intrigued by him but, I will never forget him,or his films but, I believe the conversations we would have if I met him would consist of medical exams, humanitarian concerns and world issues. He has millions of fans and many awards but, in reality what he does for others is what matters the most to me, he brings hope to humanity, he just maybe homesick for heaven who knows.All in all really I can say I love Tom Hiddleson simply because he is an human that loves humans. 




Lights are for movie stars

The shame less cool shade of grey on her dress, the smell of her new perfume is what makes his eyes glare, she stole his heart and his wallet, she was California queen, a drugged out gypsy girl.The beaches were calling her name and the sun was beating her skin with a steaming, tan that matched her slutty new dress.She was a size six , and he was size thirteen.He denied her like a whore denies a sexual illness.”We are all sick he says to her.We are all sick for paradise, we are all sick for luxury”He loved cars and new clothes and he hated her laughed, strange obsession with his taste. California is a dangerous place to her, its a fun playground of bizarre possibilities,the kind that makes him vomit in a mall restroom stall.Lights are for the movie stars, lights are for cameras, girls are for players and women are for kings.Diamond rings, cost more than her dad’s car,she was in paradise, a car waiting to crash, awaiting disaster at her door.

The Faceless Man


by,Lakira Mitchum

So he wrote a poem,and he wasn’t sure how to tell her how he felt, he was extremely shy,and oblivious to the idea of leaving her space. A man is a sensitive creature some one once told her, love is a sin that lasts a lifetime.We are all waiting for that tender hug, that shy hello, that breakable smile, love is a tempting test a sly yet sickening bowl self brainwashing.She loved the faceless man, the charming foolish laughs with cigarette smoke wavering in her face, she was never raised to love someone so secular,so tall in attitude, he was smooth and pulchritudinous his scents slither in her nose. His eyes are winsome, his nose is enchanting, and his touch sends you spinning around in a beguiling waltz you can’t explain in mere words.He was a faceless man, a temporary touch, a lawless lover, and she was timid soul with deep brown eyes and a sad soul.


The Innocent Life cell

Home is where our heart is:Humanity can be paradise

Love means creation:

By,Lakira  Mitchum

The particle she was holding was a small sample of a glimpse of whats to come, a part of the universe, a seed of a man and a woman.A human, apart of a new form of emotions and feelings.We are humanity we are one nation; of  spirits of combined fleshed.This innocent cell dwelled in the body of a woman , a non believer someone no one knew could create such a thing, they called her a mother.That innocent cell grew into a warm living body of tiny homes, a lovely piece of strong thread of proteins we called home, made with love.Time is a crib for the mother’s children;the children of the God, that created them, We here in a consecutive cycle that may end but, some where else time will continue and innocent cells made of all sorts of particles will dwell.  Tittle is in the DNA,leanrning is the evolution, and innocent cells, gases , and stars, galaxies ,embryo,infants and parents are united to be one in harmony. Family,unity ,and harmony will  always matter…and be matter.



I speak for the tribes part 1


By, Lakira Mitchum

I speak for the tribes

For decades the native Tribes of the American lands have been pushed and pulled into many positions from betrayal,abuse, genocide,and theft and so on and so forth.The abuse and neglect of native  American culture has been in an constant paroxysm and unnecessary strain.After years of constant political conflict and confrontation I still feel as if the Native Americans  are still having to prove something to the rest of the country society seems to forget what was stolen from them;a captivating culture a strong linage that is quickly growing smaller,many people claim tribes but they know little of what it was, where they came from.Something was lost along the way, the injudicious prejudices and stereotypes about native culture seen in media, news,cartoons movies and so fourth.

I not a Red skin, I am not a Casino owner, I don’t care about tobacco benefits,We are not all the same, I actually don’t talk much about my background, I’m Floridian and I can tell you almost everyone I  know says they are part native american but, they don’t much for the pure natives,or the issues they face. It matter, what is done to Afro Native Americans is not the same but I keep thinking I desire to care.I want to speak for the tribes.Because Of the fact that manifest destiny has ripped my history from and ancestry. com and DNA test may be my only hope.Tribes has been torn apart,and realistically I can’t say much about where I came from.I have leaned many things in life and maybe some good came form intermingling with natives and white and Africans.The entire concept that people still use God as an excuse to define someones worth is (extreme unnecessary hierarchy)  what the white settlers were peaceful? what we share our land with them with no issues, and helped them cure their diseases with our tribal practices of herbal treatment, what if?I ask myself, when I look at media today, as a African American I have been returning to my culture and as a native American  I have not benefited much.I know not all white interactions with a natives are not bad, and I believe my native culture is beautiful and maybe their is still hope for the tribes.Sadly in some way Manifest destiny still goes on today but it’s not necessarily always native american its also the indigenous of other lands as well.

NEXT Topics :

How did white supremacy influence the way we think today?

Christian and religious , vs  cultural differences as well as political conflict:


To be continued.