The Innocent Life cell

Home is where our heart is:Humanity can be paradise

Love means creation:

By,Lakira  Mitchum

The particle she was holding was a small sample of a glimpse of whats to come, a part of the universe, a seed of a man and a woman.A human, apart of a new form of emotions and feelings.We are humanity we are one nation; of  spirits of combined fleshed.This innocent cell dwelled in the body of a woman , a non believer someone no one knew could create such a thing, they called her a mother.That innocent cell grew into a warm living body of tiny homes, a lovely piece of strong thread of proteins we called home, made with love.Time is a crib for the mother’s children;the children of the God, that created them, We here in a consecutive cycle that may end but, some where else time will continue and innocent cells made of all sorts of particles will dwell.  Tittle is in the DNA,leanrning is the evolution, and innocent cells, gases , and stars, galaxies ,embryo,infants and parents are united to be one in harmony. Family,unity ,and harmony will  always matter…and be matter.



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