Lights are for movie stars

The shame less cool shade of grey on her dress, the smell of her new perfume is what makes his eyes glare, she stole his heart and his wallet, she was California queen, a drugged out gypsy girl.The beaches were calling her name and the sun was beating her skin with a steaming, tan that matched her slutty new dress.She was a size six , and he was size thirteen.He denied her like a whore denies a sexual illness.”We are all sick he says to her.We are all sick for paradise, we are all sick for luxury”He loved cars and new clothes and he hated her laughed, strange obsession with his taste. California is a dangerous place to her, its a fun playground of bizarre possibilities,the kind that makes him vomit in a mall restroom stall.Lights are for the movie stars, lights are for cameras, girls are for players and women are for kings.Diamond rings, cost more than her dad’s car,she was in paradise, a car waiting to crash, awaiting disaster at her door.

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