If you were Lice.Fine Trash talk



To the distraught Ex- lovers

Crawling and slicing yourself down my skin and into my head, itching my mind like a disgusting rash,the bothersome truth, the repulsive lies that crawl from your mind are beyond me.The dishonest truth, the shameless sign of strange non realistic manhood is he only lust’s you, he hates you, he bites you on the lip on Friday nights and ask for more on Tuesday evenings. Ew, Ew their he goes starring at you, he smells like beer and bad agonizing sex, you gave him a chance.Lies are relevant to his own moral testimony, he sickens you, he is the utter stench of  bad taboo.Oh wow there he is , examining your breast like a bad fake boob job, he is the most finest man in the room, and you hate him, because you once loved him, now what ?

Love your Goddamn self.Cheat the evil stereotypes of love and lust, be modest or be picky which ever makes you feel better, be funny, be courageous. Don’t be a hit and run!Be smart.Lite that pipe, light your cigar, lite your blunt and cause the blood in his vein run quickly with self judgement.

Darling,  you’ll be fine.

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