He that Loved A woman named Rain


By,Lakira Mitchum


He was standing in her graceful waves and he never knew someone so graceful ,so wonderful, so beautiful she was here with him for the first time.detached from the judgement of man and female, the world was a place they simply slept inside of, they were in their place, realm of hope and glee. He kept her in heart and listened to her sorrowful voice. Soaking her memories in his mind ,he was strong when she was weak, he was kind and she was angry, love made them one.


Rain, was a woman of strange necromancy  she was a gypsy soul, a woman that loved the sun and danced with the moon.They sung to the stars at night and never cursed the rain, they had many children and lived blameless lives of love and harmony.Rain, had an radiance about her, no creature man or planet could understand, or write in words she was the gentle spirit that carries him to a place of peace. Rain made the mother earth smile, she comforted the ashamed, the sad and lonely and lost.Rain is still alive and will live forever with in our lives,she was a child with a pure heart and a woman with a strong heart. Her eyes were shinning with a blissful lambency, a persistent reasoning desire for compassion.  Rain was made from a mother’s tears, her birth was a vexatious experience.

But she is a gift to the earth.


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