Fabled heart desire for new love

By, Lakira Mitchum

I once thought, when I was young, when I had faith in someone else,I now find love to be something fabled, these times are hard ones, these feelings are broken, the dismembered bones crushed near the lungs of my heart. He was nonsense, I am a woman of a fabled heart, a woman that believed in lies and contradictions. The smell of romance slithering down my spine and caused me to give up on what we called kissing the doves and roses. I became a fabled heart and I  constructed the desire to love humanity, not one man as a whole. I am very much a blackened soul but, my hope is in finding harmony in mankind. I seek no romance no, sexual touch, no french personality swooping me into a charming romance. He was never a king, or God to be just a lie that saw me as property. Freedom is in loosing my desire to find acceptance by him or them but, by accepting those that are already rejected. I hate Romance,I hate Cinderella’s story, I don’t think marriage is always the best way out of loneliness. I think the innocence of a child is priceless and I lost my innocence to romance, Romance is dangerous, Romance is an obsession, romance is painful.

Romance is trust, I just wish I never waned that form of love or lust, I just desire contentment at its fullest degree.


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