Man stands alone part 2

by,Lakira Mitchum


Mockery bleeds in the soul of the man with the deepest passion, he sighs with the feelings of deepest despair, we sing for him in the large bathtubs in tiny motel rooms.He’s the hero we only dreamed of him being happy but, really he’s a secondary chemical a dangerous lover.His heart is an industrial field, his eyes are the dusky windows of her station wagon, here he is sort, of torn, sort of broken, sort of confused, raped by villagers and hurt by women, and heroine she could never really save them both; she only put him in the fun house to get lost alone.The man stands alone,the man sings in the dark alley wishing for hope and homestead, homesickness bellows inside his weakened legs as he walks the dark street of  lost cities.That man stood alone, he walked in the dark and eats away the cheap food he could afford.He rides trains in the afternoons and plays his guitar at her grave.You see how love works and you see how lust works after a while and somehow the sky just seems a little clearer, and the doves seem a little whiter and roses may smell a little better even after his lover died.God said, love was everything, and they said, family never gets left behind, but why did it take him so long to find  this type of love so it’s been taken away by this so called heroine, the strong feminist that sold her soul to the ones that enable her to do nothing but drown in her own urine. What is love to him, love was hope, love with with him all along, when he learned to love himself, he found an intellect higher than he was and was ever before.It strange how things come together in huge gatherings of horrid lies and bizarre truths.He know sleeping beauty was only raped in her slumber, he wants to be her hero,but until then he only a man that stood alone for now.

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