The Broken Bones of Alfred Widicur

Syndicate Riots part two

By Lakira Mitchum

The journal of Wilson Banks

The smell of rotten meat in the office is a terrible thing, its a putrid feeling.The rotten souls of this corporate empire has taken over the economy of New York city.I feel like A victim from a Batman Comic, and she was my only hope.Henrietta was once a lovely girl a fresh new face for corporate business, until she met him, the Caesar of the united bank of America, she once loved me, but she loves money and money does not love her back.She went from a office desk to a stripper pole in months simply because she applied for the wrong position( the secretary).Sexism in the workplace can be a scary and evil sensation  when you are on the wrong side of the stick. The monstrosity we call money strikes again and this time her uncle Mr. Widicur got the beating of the lifetime,it didn’t take long for him to die, but it did take for to get laid,He was an ugly man, short bald and cranky but he was some what lovable to friends, family and even his enemies.After three years of scamming the U.S Government and it’s citizens you would think he’d be pretty satisfied with 6.2 billion dollars under his belt, he decided instead to become a regular Constantine and steal the souls of his employees and well. at this point it’s about money its about,rape, power and crude cruel dictatorship.As for me I’m only a man that spectated the whole things.Blood all over his new suede shoes, his spine was in pieces on a Wednesday afternoon and his funeral was on a Friday, no one told the police how he died due to fear and doubt.These Syndicate Riots are exactly what is causing to want to believe there is a God somewhere that hold this terrible world together, we are all waiting for justice now.

part 2

Oh, dear Mr. Widicur not again…

in the mind of Mr.Widicur before his death.

“What the fuck is going on with me? I can ‘t stop  listening to the screaming that haunts me in the office, it seems all we do is bicker about money and hookers and drugs but, what the hell? Is it worth it ? is all of this slavery, is it worth fighting for all I wanted was money and I received was an STD and a subway ticket to Manhattan. “Fuck this! fuck my life! I’m a fucking terrorist to human life, I loved my precious daughter. my baby, my life, my all, in all of this I loved her. She was my pride and joy and she just got married to Joey, He’s going to kill me dam nit I can’t  do this  anymore I need to run away. “fuck me!”

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