Syndicate Riots

The journal of Wilson banks

By,Lakira Mitchum

part 4

The interveiw

The bitter unforgiving moments we have in the time of war, it seems we are against all sides.

I can only smell the blood and cigar smoke coming from his office, early Tuesday morning he was wearing a dark green coat, he seemed lost almost as if he forgot he killed a man yesterday and his daughter didn’t have much mercy neither she wanted him dead poor Mr. Widicur it was a strange coincidence.  My boss was a cannibal a man whore, a bastard but in the strangest way.The day I met him it was Late Thursday Afternoon, The most intimidating job interview I have ever experienced sense my first job at Papa johns. “Well well, well  aren’t you a silent son of a bitch, why do I feel as if  I , I met a joker like you? Shy short, Jewish, hardworking, and sweet as fuck” ha,  “So what brings you to my company tiny man?” I swore to God I would slam my head against a table if I had to listen to him call me a bastard again. I was born and raised in Washington state never in my life have I ever hated a bigger city besides New York city it’s a faithless city and this bastard was my new boss.On that  Thursday  Afternoon I was  then   employed with a Billion Dollar corporation that somehow crashed the stock market. We all came from a dark place, the womb of a woman in pain; we the infant ;the tiny parasite, that relies on her every necessity and nourishment, that what this corporation has become to the public a starving over weight infant sweltering in its mother’s womb it almost feel like hell. I fell in love with the money the villainous feeling of falling into materialism and in some way I had a hint of self hatred.Besides my Job interview, my work life consisted of boring phone calls and requesting information from collage graduates  and  senior citizens about  health insurance for their banking information.”You see!” he explained to me while sitting on his desk,”  He stood up and  poured a  glass of whiskey for himself  and continued with a sly smile ,”this corporation is a pyramid scheme, he said, all we need to do is take, and take without say so, and all we need to do is ask once and never ask again.”My company is working for some dumb franchised nationwide college called (Premier University)   who cares, right?  he shrugged,college sucks anyway It’s a for profit school and  not only that  but we are also a “So called” health insurance company, as well as a life insurance and well sense you were dumb enough to come to this interview he said, with a smirk You’re stuck with me. I have all of your information ,I know where your wife lives; your kids, I even know the name of your dog’s vet.”I could tell he practiced this act for years.He’s a thief and a huge one, really I for some  reason really was only afraid of meeting him more than losing my money, or my crazy wife and bratty kids,which is sad but true I had no choice but  to accept this job as a telemarketer in New York city.

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