l’amour de soi

By,Lakira Mitchum

My self esteem project, The internet has the power to do many things but, I must most of all help myself, by being brave. I want to love myself, and something that struck me for so long was my lack of happiness.I try so hard with many things I have even realized its best to love others but for, now with my hands typing away I must break away my foolish thoughts and learn to love myself, and I guess I want to believe I am a good person.I distract myself from seeing this, no God thus far has told me I am good simply because I really don’t feel blessed,I changed my religion and found something new.

I am not just a meaningless woman.

Hello Sahaim,

Hello mother Gaia yes their is a Goddess who loves me, and I am not a Daughter of Eve , but,a child of mother Earth.


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