Oh, Sweet Nostalgia:Seasons change

Goodbye November,

I took a breath of the Coffee young and, intoxicated by my teacher’s brewed cup in class. It was November, and my young eyes were bright with curiosity of what book my teacher was going to read to us today.I was in the third grade and my pigtails always matched my dress. The leaves fell as I walked into class and really all I can say is how wonderful it was to just be welcomed by a smiling woman with grey hair.Hello November but, now November is almost over and it seems my dreams are repetitive I’m not a little girl anymore but I still crave that story to be told to me early in the morning.Those days really did feel like Gold and maybe my heart was a little more hopeful, I actually never thought about obligation when I was that age, that great feeling that I didn’t have to pick out what lipstick to wear or if am due for a pap smear or a mammogram.Those days, I never looked for man to smile at me or a strange funny feeling from a odd touch, thank God, for the memories of innocence.Adult hood in November is not the same, now I’m the one drinking the coffee wanting to be touched, wearing burgundy lipstick , but really I wish to relive my childhood sometimes.Isolated in my thoughts, right now for some reason it is a blissful feeling, it was always blissful sense I was at the age of five.I made up stories about God’s and Barbies and horses and Angels, now I’m not sure if I changed much.

Mental Agility:

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