The Ornamental Ordeal; part 1.

“In other words, Botticelli’s ideal women look like women and not boys. They’re soft and curvaceous. Healthy and rounded. Women of the size figured in this painting were considered beautiful for centuries, if not millennia. They were the aesthetic ideal during my lifetime and long after.”

He brought his mouth to her neck before whispering, “My ideal hasn’t changed.”
Sylvain Reynard, The Raven

By,Lakira Mitchum

Hello Yule tide, ;Goodbye Samhain

My tween obsession with renaissance art:In high school I was a art student, and the older I became the more I became obsessed with the idea of observing art from different a time period and culture,I used be fixated with the idea as to why they seemed so scary yet pleasing to view, and  I enjoy how art can be so intellectually challenging art can be its great that I can view an entire human perspective from a work of art of any kind.But it makes me wonder  how did my  ancestors become influence to old white culture? I have so many questions to ask, so many thoughts like, why did the white man become so obsessed with controlling others when they their own wars to fight or, why did they force such a unique way of living onto the Africans,and  of the time, as well as indigenous tribes,were their African that actually enjoyed white culture?I really like old European art, I like the really disturbing yet realistic and mysterious paintings and Drawings,the distorted figures and fine painted lines and details. Really when I think about art I think about religion, and when I think about religion I think about philosophy.I think their is something broken about the brush strokes of the painters;I always felt as if renaissance artist hated society when I looked at their art.Like for example the Venus, painting by, (Sandro Bottceli)th (1).jpg The fair Goddess does not look happy, she looks  neutral, as if being a Goddess really isn’t all that nice.It is indeed a wonderful work of art but if really makes me feel as if maybe being the “Goddess of love” may not be all that great to Sandro. Woman hood seems to be depicted by artist at that time period in my eyes as sad, negatives and cruel, I think maybe these Italian artist really had sympathy for the women of their time period. Sincerely I can say that Sandro, is my favorite Italian artist at the moment simply because, he shows some form of truth depicted in each painting  that maybe his peers at that time would have looked down upon as maybe caring too much about sexist issues, controversy, about domestic violence, child molestation  and,corruption in religion and politics.I really appreciate how it does not take much to show the audience what is really going in the artist’s head.I like how this particular artist shows, that religion may actually creep him out and, its as though he was forced to make art that may have bothered him for the Vatican.This crucifix painting.To me is ghostly, and strange it seems as though Christ’s death is not out of pain and suffering but, as an disturbing relic, like propaganda to encourage its viewers to either pity Jesus or praise him for die-ing on a cross in front of elders.This painting is actually disturbing to me and maybe to actually religious people of this time period. Renaissance art is fascinating it is often looked over be the modern man, I believe some of this philosophy  from that time period is still practiced today, what I mean by that is corruption, and disturbia. th-10th-13

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