The image of the Gods With Her

The meaning of Mary

By, Lakira Mitchum

The eyes of her children may sleep in the space between planets, but they are always looking in sight of the mother, As her eyes open she see’s herself from a different perspective, her blood sits near mercury and the dust of her bones created earth.

The womb is the home of all things pure, all things made whole. she believes in order and justice she speaks, to satisfies the hearts if the kings, she smiles in the rainbows of her robes that they create for her.Day and night is all at once where she lives, and they know she loves them, the fathers of her children.The heavens know a Goddess that protects the innocent and kissed the face of Christ while holding the universe in her hands.

Motherhood is joy and love means creation.


Welcome New year of Earth

The meaning of Mary series!

By, Lakira Mitchum

The paintings of the tabs between time and space; the image of her last tears are peeling away and here she is in a new realm of time, for so long it took a year for her to learn that love is infinite and Cowards will never know he meaning of it but, she does.Love means creation, We can’t say the center of the universe is mysterious, we see the reason for existence is the ties and kisses between the Gods and the bride of the universe calling her mother earth.

Mary has a new meaning

The sound and light , the colors or her worship and movement has created a new beginning for this solar system and she will be known as the mother of all stars and kin.We lie in the blankets of galaxies seeking the kings and queens to adopt us, but we already have a home, here we are on a planet of life in her womb with so much freedom to know what love really means, how wonderful it is to be free, to be created and be liberated under the sun.

Happy new year La-boa!