He loved me first

He is

My homesickness

By,Lakira Mitchum

Love means creation.

love means time and space, light and darkness.

The universe was stirred in the blissfulness of  love God and his wife together . she and he is a lovely bind of creation.He loved me first, he held me first , and I have been so lost , looking for his heart he was with me while was whirling in my chaos. Oh how he loves me, why did I forget the embrace of God whispering in the wind chanting my name. They let of my hopes go but,he stood firm, he was my center and I was his bride and why did I forget the lovely heart of God. He reminded me who I was and he just said, “I was always his” and he saved me from myself. I’m afraid to who I am to heaven, but he told me anyway. They hated me, and shamed me , so here I am standing here and my heart is his tabernacle. He loves me, and how strange it is that I was defeated. He is my safety and I am alone without him. The Bible did not teach me God’s love he just spoke to my heart he is in my DNA. I know now in this time of desperation he is my lighthouse. With bloody  feet I wondered into his arms into the thunder and lighting, When nothing else matters but, the feeling of his breath on my shoulders I need to know I matter in this universe.

Loneliness and faith is only one segment of this journey through time.

So she is waiting

So she waits

By, Lakira Mitchum

The comatose of the dangerous thoughts I have “Oh, God help me” I’m in  the strange dark woods of my mind. I’m just wondering and skipping my way almost to death; This place is scary, I mean my mind, I mean that lonely spot here by myself. Moaning the names of many people that forgot my name, groaning the last names of Gods. I entered heaven through the back door, I Booed Satan off my Broadway stage. Its funny how things in this universe can scare us out of loving God. He loved me here, in the middle of the absent ocean of my mind, the stupid, desire for cupid to hit some stranger in the back for me is still screaming at my door step. “Love me!” oh, God  God, please love me!”I  see the bloody panties on the floor, and I forgot to get his number, I lost my mind when I took off my clothes. So she is waiting, So she is waiting. Which is why she once  said, her heart was a temple and her  words are a church. I’m afraid of the dark side of my  thoughts carving my worries in some sort of fairy tale. Save me oh beautiful, man, save me oh God of pleasure. I seek something more this time, I’m so tired of wondering in the forest now, the hundred acre woods don’t seem so happy right now.


Oh l’humanité

By ,Lakira Mitchum

The desire to feel lust between my toes and the irresistible want. I wanted God to love me, I wanted the universe to care about my thoughts. Oh, the frustrating wrath of God is upon me the unpredictable screeching terror of man’s punishment from goodness. We seek contentment, we seek peace and innocence but, where is the standard. Is it possible to be hated by God from birth. God was once my paradise my humanity, what does it mean to have humanity , what does it mean to reach this level of salvation. why was I so Good, why was I so obedient.

what happens when you think you disgust God?

A slow decline in religious favoritism, the moment you realize the Christian world hates you is a disaster. When they think their God is Love but,they forgot about innocence but they predict sin.

I found God , and God lost me again.