Monday morning senses

I woke up feeling the early busy buzz today and, I had this idea  in my head that I have a pretty simple life. America gives me so much freedom what do I have to worry about well…. college, college possible dating with positive expectations and worries about what people may think of me, and once again announcing myself as an medical student only to reach one goal midwifery and or just nursing but either way its goes I assume this college semester will my very inspiration for writing.

Beautifulchaos 151 has been my journey of self discovery and during my time away from college I wrote more than 100 articles and now that I’m returning I found hope in knowing I’m fully capable of founding my dreams if I meditate on what I’m already good at.

As the warm Floridian sun paints my skin and I feel this sudden flow of optimism and happiness today is a day I complaining  about what I don’t have and learn to appreciate what I do have and that is a second chance, at life at love ,and security and peace of mind.

I want to that all of my readers thus far.

Happy reading!