Be My Heaven Series part 1



This series is about my love for Tom Hiddleson

in hope that he will notice.

Deepest eyes that can swallow a girl’s soul he can become my sanctuary , oh look at what he’s done to me, Jesus gave him those eyes, he makes fear seem less dangerous with hard hands to hold and a promise to take care of the homeless and meek. Please tell me I’m not dreaming again… Thomas tell me again and become my heaven, my calming sea my deepest sweetest dream Be my all. Only a crush only a strange desire let me in so that I may bite the fruit upon his lips.Be my heaven please take my fear of falling away, so that I will fly only into your arms and agree with cherubs that your are purely mine before God and priest below. With a voice that ruins all ideas of selfish guilt he is so sweet.

So please take me; to where you are where ever you are is my heaven my future home.

-To my dearest lover…


by,Lakira Mitchum



Journal entry


Lakira Mitchum

My voice seems to screech something its almost terrifying how much I have been silenced,I’m afraid of what the echo sounds like when I cry, what will they say? when my voice breaks and when I’m destroyed against my own free will bound to the giggles and wits told by my enemies twisting me and harvesting my weakest for their own digestion.

Little worthless little girl the man is afraid to sin in your arms, and swing away with you.Why would anyone not see your vocal chords are bleeding,singing to a God that bent you with tests and fears, cold and cult like religions praises sung to a group that settled on knowing you look broken. “Your voice is gone little fallen angel so find who you are without it”. speak up shout out and be a light. Pretty faces and babbling boys with their loud voices roaring at me telling me I’m pretty oh, dear God I’m a fallen saint and broken jew, beauty is dangerous, smile are poison and women and tainted by the environment that kills them.

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