Dwindling away like time and so does my feelings they dissolve like salt that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Like mush underneath my feet.The  weight over my head it shoves me around like a broken crown all of my love kisses me goodbye and worthless shoves itself towards me again, like a large penis , degrading my very being and cutting me with ties I can not resolve, how do I seek the the man that cut away my happiness,My heart is bleeding it’s wicked sins, and everything seems so dark and looming with the eyes of the devil staring me, red as the horns of Satan, I sat alone and  cried because I have nightmares, voices, screaming in my head telling me I’m worthless, my voices screeching in hell without my body, with a soul, without itself soaking in my own blood.

They call that sanity, the sensitive parts of  me that holds on tightly to my soul until I feel a sickening twist of anxiety, I was falling apart in the place of sadness, I collect dust on God’s shelf with a list of petty accusations and frustrations, I know I was born as an enfeebled yet hated soul, a pathetic lot to man.I swallowed the pill to forget how the devil laughs at me, how God mashed me into a mixed creature, A disgusted anachronistic fool, looking for love, used up and washed apart…When No one cares about your decisions, you are broken. Keep my bloody heart Oh God, Keep, my bloody heart…


King of hell, shrine of darkness tore me apart, and kicked me in my room while I cried and asked  who am I?