The Secret Of The Hills

LACUNA Series part 1

The secret of the hills, the babbling of fears creaking forward in my head

By Lakira Mitchum

The secret of the hills, the thrills only a holy man would seek,the oh, the Capricorns the, the award in being a great loving man of the light, How do I try not to cry in the dark streets in my mind.In my world I’m only the hopeless and the homeless, the broken seeking only a small peek of the secrets of the hills, the secret of happiness and true love the brews in like a storm. The hills of hope, the hills of heaven, and all I hear are the creaking screeching words of an angel wishing me a good bye with red sky’s and people wishing to die. Save me, oh the God we knew, he never told me the secret of the hills, The right way. Save me from the streets of my mind and swing me into the mountains and hills of abnormalities, the hills the homes of angels and devils that only sin to entertain the pure thoughts of a witty power.The hills the homes, where no one faints and, the seas are never too deep swim and swallow.Sweet Marvel bring me hope, let me  know the where it is, so that I may see through the fog of danger, and know I’m free from fear and judgement,God is my, dream, how dare I seek a religion to my dreams. My sanity was claimed and I was lost, from the hills the, love of popular man , oh the bible holding kings that made me into an insane angel, banging on my drums of my heart, beating away, the painful way.  Secret hills are hard to find, heaven is hard to imagine, God is hard to comprehend and, sanity is hard to keep when heaven is all you wanted.




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