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Hope For Humanity: writing series 2015-2016 


I have written quite a few things and I have to say, I take pride in what I do as  well as the beautiful art work and photography that I scavenged up over time.

I would like to start by posting photography of the beautiful people I have already written about.

Ben stiller


Robert Downey Jr.


Emmys 2011 - RED CARPET
18 Sep 2011, Los Angeles, California, U.S. — Sep. 18, 2011 – Los Angeles, California, U.S. – GLEE Actor DARREN CRISS at the 63rd Prime Time Emmys held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. — Image by © Lisa O’Connor/ZUMA Press/Corbis
Robert Downey Jr.
Chris Brown& Royalty
Gerald Earl Gillum (G-easy)
Gerald Earl Gillum(G-easy)


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Tom Hiddleson
Tom Hiddleson




Tristan Harvey


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Ben Stiller and His Confidence Chair:

What Gerald’s Eyes told me (G-easy)

Tom Hiddleson&Unicef Ambassaddors

Chris Brown’s Love Life&Fatherhood

It’s Been Rough:Robert Downey Jr.

The love life of: Tom Hiddleson

Street Music:Tristan Harvey


human Rights observation series & Homesickness and identity crises : recap

“I hope these series touched your souls in some way and gave you desire for complete empathy and spiritual universal Harmony.” -Lakira Mitchum





Photography from Gaza’s suffering 





Ending Anorexia: women’s health: Body Confidence






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God is series: Goddess is series

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     Perseus( Gabriel the messenger anger)


The purest of heart(observing human rights)

Observing the human rights:Purest of hearts series part 2:

Journalism in Gaza :Ted Talks

Fatherhood:Our Birthrights

Childhood: Love of the Goddess

Dear,Fat girls, Keep being happy.

Observing The Declaration of Independence

Motherhood:Heart Of The Goddess

Mother Mary’s account part 2







Love Sickness part 2

Homesickness series

The eyes of baby Jesus: Lakira Mitchum

Push, and push through my virgin legs, I feel no shame anymore , this was meant to be

a strange case scenario, a awkward nativity.Birthing little Jesus his eyes said, “Hello but, help me, remember The eyes of baby Jesus;Push, and push through my virgin legs, I feel no shame anymore , this was meant to be. a strange case scenario, a awkward nativity.Birthing little Jesus his eyes said, “Hello but, help me, remember why I was born, help me remember who I am.” The universe shifted when he cried in my arms, and I no longer felt like his mother but, his caretaker. Reunited again: our lives in heaven and we were once again on earth having a blissful time touching the souls of man on earth.He was not a child of fools fortune he was dirty , genuine honest and free.


He was never happy to see me, but more stubborn towards me as a child, he loved me in a stiff way, he knew many things , but I knew more, as his mother, the under appreciated bastard virgin that birthed him. Christians don’t know what he did to me .. do they.. He was a stressful child a burden to bear and to think I  felt like only I was  portal a tiny hole that pushed out a crying messiah.Forgetting Mary is why Christians are sexist you know, Jesus was a strong spirit, and although Gabriel declared me blessed for being his mother, why did so many souls forget my miracles, my sermons ,my opinions, oh yeah, because it’s a man’s world. I was not just placed on earth to birth Christ,I’m smarter than this, or that. Society was ignorant of who I was and what I did for Christ. In the eyes of Baby Jesus, I saw rebellion, In his eyes I saw male wisdom, and the frustration of a man who was homesick.In a place where he was an misfit a messiah, a baby prince.


Blessed by Heaven to be hated by men, loved by women , and begotten by God.

The eyes of Christ were stern, and by the time he was twelve, they said, he was yelling at the priest of synagogues “you do not know God, you do not know him!”The miracle birth was no mistake, But my miracle birth was not neither, mother Mary was not born of a virgin, but she risked her life for an ungrateful child. Mother’s do matter, but sometimes to him they did not.

Jesus had a very painful life, he cared for many and so did I.The eyes of Christ were filled with tears, the eyes of Christ to them showed redemption, to me showed  paroxysm.

I still loved him, unconditionally but, my distance from him I found to be needed because, he was about his father’s business, Because his mother was not meant for heaven I guess; oh Christians that makes perfect sense!, let’s forget mom! A widow  that was neglected by her  adult sons, and was forced to watch him die. Love love love that’s all I had for him.


Love  was all humanity needed,but a dead lamb, I’m not sure.

But my love for him was more important because I could of  killed him, or allowed him  to be kidnapped or worse, there was a worse option ;I fought for him.


He was a Messiah.Not just a messiah, he was my love, my child , my hero, my best friend but; no one knew what we had was more than the bible could tell; we had a harmony.We were both homesick for home, and peace, to remember  universal harmony.


The Afterlife; writing My dreams

By,Lakira Mitchum

Prologue:More about Me

Smoking an old pipe, I look super cynical I type fast and make errors quickly so please keep up,I’m becoming more informal and before I begin my next writing I will talk about myself I hate talking about myself really, It’s just really boring you know, I do it in some way mysteriously.

“It is marvelous indeed to watch on television the rings of Saturn close; and to speculate on what we may yet find at galaxy’s edge. But in the process, we have lost the human element; not to mention the high hope of those quaint days when flight would create one world. Instead of one world, we have star wars, and a future in which dumb dented human toys will drift mindlessly about the cosmos long after our small planet’s dead” – Gore Vidal



What are mere mortals able to say about the greater regions of this universe although  all humans are portals into the heavens and hells of this universe they do not know what they are capable of.We are all sitting in the Nebula of his large thoughts, We seek intelligence but, we are intelligence our DNA is just spin of creation, we are evolving into something new, we are not at our final state we are constantly changing, some human souls have lives for billions of years, some for less times.We are lively, we are moving in the thoughts and minds of different versions of one God, they are one, and our lives are influences of everything around us.

The strangeness of reincarnation puzzles me, it melts something inside of me I can tell you one thing anyone that uses my dark skin as a reason to consult my thoughts is extremely useless to my existence.I have been burned,I have been a gladiator ,I have seen lions devour saints, many lives are in my dreams and well there is not much I can do about it ;so what I will do is write about it.cb5b54393f6041131e2aade7a4bd7ee6.jpg


Year 1706


“You color the universe , you stimulate my heart you pour hope into the thirsty world, stars collapse at the grip of your hand and Angels are at your side.”

The story of a dead man-

There I was before an golden throne, shining with fluorescent,I heard a voice in the distance,Then I woke up amongst many lost souls.They were making their way to a resting place.I wandered through hades, I moaned with the dead.I moaned prayers, the souls traveled in groups I met a man in all black he seemed broken in every way he told me where to go. It was the stairway to heaven.There was an countless number of steps leading to higher ground away from hades. Almost any place is better than here it was gloomy and mystified with filth and sadness,I was able to hear the screams of hell from a distance, I was afraid for my life , and every being of my body was hurting in fear.I took note of every face every voice  and did not slumber at all.

   What are mere mortals able to say about the greater regions of this universe although all humans are portals into the heavens and hell’s of this universe they do not know what they are capable of.We are all sitting in the Nebula of his large thoughts, We seek intelligence but, we are intelligence our DNA is just spin of creation, we are evolving into something new, we are not at our final state we are constantly changing, some human souls have lives for billions of years, some for less times.We are lively, we are moving in the thoughts and minds of different versions of one God, they are one, and our lives are influences of everything around us.


The Butterfly effect:

It’s all planned, all that happens is relevant to what the universe does, we were all meant to exist nothing  is accidental.The living proof is in the times repeating itself.We ripple what happened next with action, We create elements and chemicals with thoughts we don’t realize we breath the creators ideas.We are waiting to see;to unite with ultimate  omnipresent cosmos.Our home sickness brings us there.

And if the planet could speak she  would tell you where she came from. If the planet could speak she  would tell you where she came from.We have many ideas many conscious occurrences many fears and doubts but, we must remember our surroundings are is our  foster home.Mother Earth is an spirit she sleeps and whispers in the wind mighty calm words.




Angel’s homesickness series part 1


The story Samuel Papua( the three horned man)

Angel homesickness series part 1


The three horned man that guards Hades, he sings to the king that sits on the throne

And does many duties but his  most important one he does with every part of his being is guard the gates of Hell from wandering spirits and strange witchcraft. His name is Samuel Papua he   stands 11 feet tall and carries a staff he speaks in rhymes and requests codes that only Angels and, Demons that work for the king and queen knows.He is blind by choice and has very clever hearing abilities, he cherishes his time in Heaven but, when he guards in the underworld he remembers his family in heaven, He smiles when he feels comfort because really ,he too is homesick, he doesn’t know what it’s like to be human but, his emotions sometimes he can relate to them.His eyes glow many colors when God speaks to him and, his body becomes new when the goddess speak to him.He is actually handsome but, he chooses to wear a mask that can intimidate the human soul. He lives alone on the Sabbath, but on the weekdays he speaks to his brothers.His skin is dark and his arms are strong, and he sings eerie songs at the gates of hell,

He is only friendly to those that deserve it, he has compassion when it is necessary but, he also has remorse for those that fail him.

Homer’s Heavenly Story:Angel journal

Born on  Earth as Homer

By,Lakira Mitchum


“I literally wrote everything he said, and we didn’t get far”

As told by Diamus

The fights of Olympus

The shining light of my wings blind me  from seeing everything I will try to imply as much as of my story as I can; My name is Diamus and I am the great story teller of the adventures of warriors , I keep track of all accounts concerning the battles beyond these earthly times.

I stand 400 hundred feet tall and I am the only Angel created in my image, I have no wife or children, and I can barely see the screen,  I am sorry Lakira I will keep going now, I keep all of my stories in my little notebook I have here on my side I have to find it hold on.

Speaking in my native language I wrote the story of Coretta : He was large man like child that lived in the lower regions of Heaven call Vihcitta  He had many friends and was very fond of the Cinderella story so he made many references to slave girls from the country lands of Egypt. He made his own weapons and these were the days before Thor was born. The goddess was pleased with him and gave him many gifts from her armory and chambers.He was very clever and well a bit unorthodox he often hopped on one foot to seem funny, I wasn’t to sure what that was about but, overall he was a great person.

His favorite sport was the gladiator competitions in the great mountains of heaven where men and women would fight Bulls and oxen and other scary and strange creatures from above, and one strange day he ended up fighting the great Cratoes or, if you would like to call him Aires, the fallen God of war, you should learn more about him and take a break for now now;


to be continued:


Micheal the Angel:Journal entry

Micheal the Angel

My vacation time & getting to know Jesus


Journal Entry

My interest in heavenly affairs has sent me in into a new realm of my personality, it’s actually a phase of worship I have been experiencing for the longest;when I am not at war I am typically making art. I have been enjoying the new regions parks and attractions and I have met many new friends and family members, my brother Gabriel had just told me he has finished his a new project on the centrals area of the gates of heaven, and he was not sure how to spend his free time. So I told him to go swimming with his friends, every since I have gotten to know Jesus I have met a new standard for friendship, he is a very peaceful man and he often makes many jokes about his children and wife he loves his family and I am grateful to have him as a role model. He found anew justice and that is actually learning about the Goddess herself he is very wise beautiful and intelligent he is quite infatuated by her intellect hopefully he will reveal more of his true feelings towards her.He is really into building light fixtures right now ,something similar to wooden chandeliers, and hanging lights, his house is made of wood and tree bark and he enjoys surfing, cooking and laughing at his own jokes uncontrollably. He is still a carpenter and he likes to stare at the sunset and dance like wild man in the dark , I have to admit I am actually enjoying my vacation and I hope to see my new bride soon.


Lakira for writing my Journal and, I love you




Hell’s Existance



The Embers of hell are never the same as the fires of Temples and Tabernacles the fire does not gracefully burn the same as the typical fire we see, it’s a more painful burn and form of chaotic fire that is actually not pleasurable to watch.Hell is located in the spirit realm in the center of our galaxy right under heaven, it’s identical to the center of the sun.Hell is God’s and the Goddess dungeon it’s place of teaching and torture.Believe or not most demons work for Heaven their job is too punish the wicked  and to fulfill God’s will but, also teach humans to fear the spirit realm  as well as torture the weak minded.Christians often misunderstand their life challenges as Satan but, life just happens bad things are not always a curse from hell. The Fallen Angels was actually apart God’s plan,   Hell was meant  to exist Hell represents the holy parent’s Anger and Wrath. My desire is that people gain a understanding in God and actually genuinely knowing him not out of fear of hell. We all know hell is a terrible place but, I have gained understanding even Lucifer respects God and those greater than him.The human race has to realize they are the only ones keeping themselves from heaven with their choices to be be spiritually ignorant.

Even Lucifer finds sin to be disgusting and realizes it’s his job to torture those that enjoy it without remorse, Lucifer actually is not an anarchist if he was I’m sure he would have tried to kill Jesus instead of Herod ,Pontius Pilate and  other persecutors; Lucifer even worships Yahweh and his wife, as strange as it sounds satanists are extremely misguided.Hell’s existence is somehow a part of Heaven’s plan angels and demons actually still see each other as siblings.They wok together to do as God pleases both good and bad.


Joseph’s Account:Jesus’s father

My crazy wife Mary ,my family

part 1


by Lakira Sharice

She was a happy woman with many personalities, She often made Jesus laugh and his brothers well they just thought she was crazy,she was capable of almost anything she even made strange animals appear to give us gifts and sacrifice their own flesh for our suppers.

my wife was very exotic and made up games like “walking on fire and, who can eat the fastest without chocking” It seemed as though one of them always chocked! Mary was Jesus’s best friends she always told him fun stories about Delivery messengers named Gabriel, that often enjoyed eating peaches and kissing girls.I personally never thought I would Mary her, she was beautiful smart and she secretly knew how to read, that’s the only reason she knew about the prophecy of the messiah.She was a great wife and a even better cook.Jesus was a tough child to raise, he often made fun of the neighbors and told them they were selfish and petty; I did not pay attention to them at all, People think that Jesus was a sweet ball of sunshine, he was about as stubborn rude, and straight forward as an old man, we use to fight like cats and dogs over things like watching the sheep, and eating the last piece of food.Overall I have to say I did enjoy fathering the messiah and I do not ever wish to do it again if I could.


Gabriel’s Account:The Messenger Angel

Lakira Mitchum


Gabriel the messenger Angel


The messengers of Heaven and Hell

My name is Gabriel I have many names  and one of them is Persius, I enjoy cold showers and long walks on the beach and eating peaches, I own many things and one of them is would be my golden sandals and matching robe, I enjoy kissing girls, and making stars in my bedroom. I sleep in a small room above my parent’s throne mostly because I am nosey. I hate peanut butter and  I often times enjoy going fishing.;I am a D.J occasionally and Jesus is my homie, he has many haters. I give boring messages to humans from God sometimes but, not as often as I use to I am actually planning my vacation; I’m pretty excited I will be visiting the atlantic seas of Heavens to see my mermaid friends and practice my swimming with them. People often cuss at me when I talk to them or they just ignore me. Which means the ways of the human race has changed and well you are are stubborn! Anyway I love my life!


Heaven is great latter homies!

Yours truly Gabes


Gabriel’s  the messenger Angel

The night was crude and old and filled with  the pale screams of christ’s moans, he was innocent but, the jury pleaded him guilty and my only feelings were remorse towards the human race. I feared that humans would never be grateful for what he went through for him.I found myself crying while writing this as an eye witness of his crucifixion I am fully aware of own understanding that I am a man of many condemnations. Unlike my father he made me wonder wildly as to what it meant to be a sinful human in the eyes of God.

Angelic Journal

Mitus the Titus

Lakira Mitchum

Titus’s Angelic journal


I have many stories to tell but, I would like to introduce myself  I am Mitus Titus I have been fighting wars and battles sense I was 1400 years old Yahweh decided to release a large giant Angel warrior to help defeat the sound monsters,Yahweh took 17 days to create my entire torso, and 14 weeks to finish the rest of my body.Since the war of wichita I was once guarded the 13th gate near the regions of the Atlantean villages.I have seen many monsters and one of them is the Pantomanic Rivoris this beast stood 1700 feet tall and rinked of strange flesh and blood,it seemed  he ate many dinosaurs that was a challenge for the Angels to trap. I was afraid we were all doomed to perish.I remained at home until my father gave me the signal that my brothers needed me to protect three emerald  gates I was unfamiliar with. Those days were dark and and the heavenly realms were busy making weapons  for the battle.I asked, God to make me into a large warrior so I could protect my loved ones, so he recreated me into a Titan.

The worse one I have ever seen was the Attack of the great sound beast, it resembled a man with a blank face, he had a large hole that looked like his mouth, he gave out a loud scream that echoed across the cities of heaven. Killing nearly 3,000 Women and children as well as animals total, we were all able to regain power and cut off the beast’s head. Yahweh decided to release a large giant Angel warrior to help defeat the sound monster, I’m his secret weapon, I ease the minds of my siblings and creatures big and small.I am the protector of the Eastern regions of heaven now.