The Ornamental Ordeal; part 1.

“In other words, Botticelli’s ideal women look like women and not boys. They’re soft and curvaceous. Healthy and rounded. Women of the size figured in this painting were considered beautiful for centuries, if not millennia. They were the aesthetic ideal during my lifetime and long after.”

He brought his mouth to her neck before whispering, “My ideal hasn’t changed.”
Sylvain Reynard, The Raven

By,Lakira Mitchum

Hello Yule tide, ;Goodbye Samhain

My tween obsession with renaissance art:In high school I was a art student, and the older I became the more I became obsessed with the idea of observing art from different a time period and culture,I used be fixated with the idea as to why they seemed so scary yet pleasing to view, and  I enjoy how art can be so intellectually challenging art can be its great that I can view an entire human perspective from a work of art of any kind.But it makes me wonder  how did my  ancestors become influence to old white culture? I have so many questions to ask, so many thoughts like, why did the white man become so obsessed with controlling others when they their own wars to fight or, why did they force such a unique way of living onto the Africans,and  of the time, as well as indigenous tribes,were their African that actually enjoyed white culture?I really like old European art, I like the really disturbing yet realistic and mysterious paintings and Drawings,the distorted figures and fine painted lines and details. Really when I think about art I think about religion, and when I think about religion I think about philosophy.I think their is something broken about the brush strokes of the painters;I always felt as if renaissance artist hated society when I looked at their art.Like for example the Venus, painting by, (Sandro Bottceli)th (1).jpg The fair Goddess does not look happy, she looks  neutral, as if being a Goddess really isn’t all that nice.It is indeed a wonderful work of art but if really makes me feel as if maybe being the “Goddess of love” may not be all that great to Sandro. Woman hood seems to be depicted by artist at that time period in my eyes as sad, negatives and cruel, I think maybe these Italian artist really had sympathy for the women of their time period. Sincerely I can say that Sandro, is my favorite Italian artist at the moment simply because, he shows some form of truth depicted in each painting  that maybe his peers at that time would have looked down upon as maybe caring too much about sexist issues, controversy, about domestic violence, child molestation  and,corruption in religion and politics.I really appreciate how it does not take much to show the audience what is really going in the artist’s head.I like how this particular artist shows, that religion may actually creep him out and, its as though he was forced to make art that may have bothered him for the Vatican.This crucifix painting.To me is ghostly, and strange it seems as though Christ’s death is not out of pain and suffering but, as an disturbing relic, like propaganda to encourage its viewers to either pity Jesus or praise him for die-ing on a cross in front of elders.This painting is actually disturbing to me and maybe to actually religious people of this time period. Renaissance art is fascinating it is often looked over be the modern man, I believe some of this philosophy  from that time period is still practiced today, what I mean by that is corruption, and disturbia. th-10th-13

Recap Gallery : Writing Recap

Hope For Humanity: writing series 2015-2016 


I have written quite a few things and I have to say, I take pride in what I do as  well as the beautiful art work and photography that I scavenged up over time.

I would like to start by posting photography of the beautiful people I have already written about.

Ben stiller


Robert Downey Jr.


Emmys 2011 - RED CARPET
18 Sep 2011, Los Angeles, California, U.S. — Sep. 18, 2011 – Los Angeles, California, U.S. – GLEE Actor DARREN CRISS at the 63rd Prime Time Emmys held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. — Image by © Lisa O’Connor/ZUMA Press/Corbis
Robert Downey Jr.
Chris Brown& Royalty
Gerald Earl Gillum (G-easy)
Gerald Earl Gillum(G-easy)


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Tom Hiddleson
Tom Hiddleson




Tristan Harvey


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Ben Stiller and His Confidence Chair:

What Gerald’s Eyes told me (G-easy)

Tom Hiddleson&Unicef Ambassaddors

Chris Brown’s Love Life&Fatherhood

It’s Been Rough:Robert Downey Jr.

The love life of: Tom Hiddleson

Street Music:Tristan Harvey


human Rights observation series & Homesickness and identity crises : recap

“I hope these series touched your souls in some way and gave you desire for complete empathy and spiritual universal Harmony.” -Lakira Mitchum





Photography from Gaza’s suffering 





Ending Anorexia: women’s health: Body Confidence






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God is series: Goddess is series

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     Perseus( Gabriel the messenger anger)


The purest of heart(observing human rights)

Observing the human rights:Purest of hearts series part 2:

Journalism in Gaza :Ted Talks

Fatherhood:Our Birthrights

Childhood: Love of the Goddess

Dear,Fat girls, Keep being happy.

Observing The Declaration of Independence

Motherhood:Heart Of The Goddess

Mother Mary’s account part 2







Love Sickness part 2

Homesickness series

The eyes of baby Jesus: Lakira Mitchum

Push, and push through my virgin legs, I feel no shame anymore , this was meant to be

a strange case scenario, a awkward nativity.Birthing little Jesus his eyes said, “Hello but, help me, remember The eyes of baby Jesus;Push, and push through my virgin legs, I feel no shame anymore , this was meant to be. a strange case scenario, a awkward nativity.Birthing little Jesus his eyes said, “Hello but, help me, remember why I was born, help me remember who I am.” The universe shifted when he cried in my arms, and I no longer felt like his mother but, his caretaker. Reunited again: our lives in heaven and we were once again on earth having a blissful time touching the souls of man on earth.He was not a child of fools fortune he was dirty , genuine honest and free.


He was never happy to see me, but more stubborn towards me as a child, he loved me in a stiff way, he knew many things , but I knew more, as his mother, the under appreciated bastard virgin that birthed him. Christians don’t know what he did to me .. do they.. He was a stressful child a burden to bear and to think I  felt like only I was  portal a tiny hole that pushed out a crying messiah.Forgetting Mary is why Christians are sexist you know, Jesus was a strong spirit, and although Gabriel declared me blessed for being his mother, why did so many souls forget my miracles, my sermons ,my opinions, oh yeah, because it’s a man’s world. I was not just placed on earth to birth Christ,I’m smarter than this, or that. Society was ignorant of who I was and what I did for Christ. In the eyes of Baby Jesus, I saw rebellion, In his eyes I saw male wisdom, and the frustration of a man who was homesick.In a place where he was an misfit a messiah, a baby prince.


Blessed by Heaven to be hated by men, loved by women , and begotten by God.

The eyes of Christ were stern, and by the time he was twelve, they said, he was yelling at the priest of synagogues “you do not know God, you do not know him!”The miracle birth was no mistake, But my miracle birth was not neither, mother Mary was not born of a virgin, but she risked her life for an ungrateful child. Mother’s do matter, but sometimes to him they did not.

Jesus had a very painful life, he cared for many and so did I.The eyes of Christ were filled with tears, the eyes of Christ to them showed redemption, to me showed  paroxysm.

I still loved him, unconditionally but, my distance from him I found to be needed because, he was about his father’s business, Because his mother was not meant for heaven I guess; oh Christians that makes perfect sense!, let’s forget mom! A widow  that was neglected by her  adult sons, and was forced to watch him die. Love love love that’s all I had for him.


Love  was all humanity needed,but a dead lamb, I’m not sure.

But my love for him was more important because I could of  killed him, or allowed him  to be kidnapped or worse, there was a worse option ;I fought for him.


He was a Messiah.Not just a messiah, he was my love, my child , my hero, my best friend but; no one knew what we had was more than the bible could tell; we had a harmony.We were both homesick for home, and peace, to remember  universal harmony.


Moses account part 2: Journey of Paran

Moses account part 2


Our journey through Paran was our the time we encountered the presence of the Goddess; this was not recorded in the Torah because Yahweh did not desire for us to write these things down,due to future prophecies. The Goddess wore a gold dress and she had a long staff that resembled the sun, she was tall and glorious.

She was beautiful and bright with dark skin;. and radiant eyes she spoke to us concerning our young girls,that they must be taken care of in a manner of that of a princess. She told us to treat the women well and to teach them with self respect. Our men were so amazed by the Goddess’s beauty that some of them did not remember or respect everything she said , instead they were distracted.No vails were necessary, and she was quiet and slow to move, she was still like the moon.

The Goddess had a gentle presence that made women feel comfortable instead of fearful. From then on out the women of the children of israel became better midwives and had less painful periods, and I Moses was more kinder to our female allies. I had no desire to hurt a woman ever again because of that encounter. I have learned being a woman is very important and the woman hood should never be degraded. We also learned the proper way to celebrate the birth of a young  baby girl, we sacrificed female lambs for girls and instead circumcision we anointed them with oil prayers and praises of how beautiful they were.


Hell’s Existance



The Embers of hell are never the same as the fires of Temples and Tabernacles the fire does not gracefully burn the same as the typical fire we see, it’s a more painful burn and form of chaotic fire that is actually not pleasurable to watch.Hell is located in the spirit realm in the center of our galaxy right under heaven, it’s identical to the center of the sun.Hell is God’s and the Goddess dungeon it’s place of teaching and torture.Believe or not most demons work for Heaven their job is too punish the wicked  and to fulfill God’s will but, also teach humans to fear the spirit realm  as well as torture the weak minded.Christians often misunderstand their life challenges as Satan but, life just happens bad things are not always a curse from hell. The Fallen Angels was actually apart God’s plan,   Hell was meant  to exist Hell represents the holy parent’s Anger and Wrath. My desire is that people gain a understanding in God and actually genuinely knowing him not out of fear of hell. We all know hell is a terrible place but, I have gained understanding even Lucifer respects God and those greater than him.The human race has to realize they are the only ones keeping themselves from heaven with their choices to be be spiritually ignorant.

Even Lucifer finds sin to be disgusting and realizes it’s his job to torture those that enjoy it without remorse, Lucifer actually is not an anarchist if he was I’m sure he would have tried to kill Jesus instead of Herod ,Pontius Pilate and  other persecutors; Lucifer even worships Yahweh and his wife, as strange as it sounds satanists are extremely misguided.Hell’s existence is somehow a part of Heaven’s plan angels and demons actually still see each other as siblings.They wok together to do as God pleases both good and bad.


Joseph’s Account:Jesus’s father

My crazy wife Mary ,my family

part 1


by Lakira Sharice

She was a happy woman with many personalities, She often made Jesus laugh and his brothers well they just thought she was crazy,she was capable of almost anything she even made strange animals appear to give us gifts and sacrifice their own flesh for our suppers.

my wife was very exotic and made up games like “walking on fire and, who can eat the fastest without chocking” It seemed as though one of them always chocked! Mary was Jesus’s best friends she always told him fun stories about Delivery messengers named Gabriel, that often enjoyed eating peaches and kissing girls.I personally never thought I would Mary her, she was beautiful smart and she secretly knew how to read, that’s the only reason she knew about the prophecy of the messiah.She was a great wife and a even better cook.Jesus was a tough child to raise, he often made fun of the neighbors and told them they were selfish and petty; I did not pay attention to them at all, People think that Jesus was a sweet ball of sunshine, he was about as stubborn rude, and straight forward as an old man, we use to fight like cats and dogs over things like watching the sheep, and eating the last piece of food.Overall I have to say I did enjoy fathering the messiah and I do not ever wish to do it again if I could.


Leviticus Moses’s account

Stories of the tabernacle :

By, Moses

scribed by Lakira Mitchum and Jesus Christ 😀

It took a series of a few months to perfect the tabernacle, Aarons and I had complications correcting the construction; and it took us time find a decent market to purchase and to hire artists that could create the elements.We chopped down many trees and collected men to work and the israelites; at the time the israelites did not want to help much at all; But, the ones that did help and became known as  the levites (new jews) they were pretty wholesome individuals that liked following rules . I personally chose them for many tasks.

I eventually realized there were  women that did help build the tabernacle but, they were not allowed to present sacrifices once it was finished. men that were unclean men could not  participate in theses rituals as priest. There was only one woman that entered the tabernacle and that was Ziporah(my wife). She looked similar to a cave woman when I met her. She secretly went inside and it was rumored she was possessed with the spirit of the Goddess; Then She became healed from all of her vaginal scars and sores on her skin. She said, she did not remember what happened but, she was made anew,she looked very different. She was the only woman that ever entered the temple and she did not remember what it looked liked on the inside. My wife and I  from that day forward have a better sex life.After that God told me about his wife and how we should not be arrogant as men because, of our roles as priest so as a command from Yahweh as a sacrifice to his wife we had us offer a Flower arrangement  to his bride and we placed them on a gold tray beside his animal sacrifices  and made sure they never touched.The items did occasionally disappear from the  golden tray ( an Angel did retrieve it for her)


  • The flowers had to be alive
  • There must be no unclean thing upon them
  • Flower pickers had to be children (not adults.)
  • Had to be presented on the gold tray of the bride and given  and put into the tabernacle by a genuine man. (lover of Goddess) respectful towards women
  • If there were no flowers, any of nature like stones, diamonds,gems, emeralds, sea shells(exceptional) gold silver.
  • Nothing from an animals
  • The tray was place in front the Ark of the covenant